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Workouts Last Week and Fall Half Marathon Debut

Another week of running in the books.  It’s hard to believe I’ve already spent 7 weeks consistently running.  Time flies when you’re having fun right?

Monday: 60 minutes easy/ART with Dr. Kemenosh
Tuesday: 60 minutes easy
Wednesday: 60 minutes easy
Thursday: off
Friday: 45 minutes easy
Saturday: Air Force Half Marathon (1:27.28)
Sunday: 30 minutes easy

Total: Around 40


Week 1: 31-33 miles
Week 2: 33-35 miles
Week 3: 33-35 miles (1 workout)
Week 4: 35-37 miles (1 workout)
Week 5: 29-31 miles
Week 6: 45 miles (1 workout)
Week 7: 40 miles (13.1 miles workout)


All of my runs, minus the race, were easy.  I can’t say I felt amazing and ready to run, but I also didn’t feel bad or injured.  I booked an appointment with my Chiro/ART doctor on Wednesday just to get everything loosened up before the half.

Air Force Half Marathon:
I didn’t have any expectations for the race.  I wanted to run as my body allowed and go from there.  My primary goal with any race is to finish healthy.  After so much rest and no runs over 10 miles since the Atlantic City half marathon, I thought it would be a good goal.  Most of my “first half marathons” back are between 1:30-1:32 and I thought I would be happy with that.

A lot of additional stress and small factors played into the weekend.  First, my husband was the primary reason for us going to the Air Force Marathon.  He competed for his command (AMC) in the race.  His race didn’t go as he hoped or training indicated, but he was happy to finish healthy.  Due to traffic, we were nearly the last people picking up packets and his uniform.  Packet pickup closed at 8 pm, and we weren’t even sure we would be able to make it. We didn’t check into our hotel and settle down until around 9 pm which is a lot later than usual.

Due to traffic getting into Dayton, we were nearly the last people picking up packets and his uniform.  Packet pickup closed at 8 pm, and we weren’t even sure we would be able to make it. We didn’t check into our hotel and settle down until around 9 pm which is a lot later than usual.  We walked a lot between 7-8:30 pm the night before, which wasn’t ideal.

The course was a lot harder than anticipated too.  At 7 am, the weather was great!  But as it got later, the temperatures and humidity crept up, and there was zero shade on course, plus it was a much hillier than anticipated course.  I thought I was running a flat course, but little did I know (because I didn’t research anything for the half…).

I’ll have a full race recap (probably late in the week), but I am happy with my race.  My splits were consistent between 6:30-6:45 due to hills.  Considering I haven’t done any speed but a few 5ks, I can’t complain at all.

I’m happy with how my fitness is progressing.  My next half marathon will probably be the Runners World Half in late October again.  It gives me 5 more weeks to build fitness and go from there. For now, I’ll continue with 5ks through the rest of September and early October.

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Questions for you:

What was your best workout last week?

Do you have any big fall races coming up?




6 thoughts on “Workouts Last Week and Fall Half Marathon Debut”

  1. Loved all the pictures on FB from the weekend of running although it sounds like it was a bit stressful. The weather was messing with quite a few runner’s goals this weekend so Tim was not alone but, I hope he’s proud he finished and did it in gross weather. Next time will be better for sure!! And congrats to you on a fantastic half finish!!

  2. I heard it was a tough day, but I am glad both of you finished injury-free. You didn’t post Tim’s time (which is okay, after all it is his time and not yours), but I am sure he ran a race he could be proud of considering the circumstances, and your time was awesome on the 5K speedwork! I can’t wait to read the full report later this week. Both of my recent races were postponed due to Irma but I am jumping into a 5K this weekend and really happy about it.

    1. I thought I did, maybe he did. I can’t remember Lol. Anyway, he ran a 3:15. It’s not what his training indicated but he is looking forward to getting back to 5ks now.

      1. I feel like it’s hard to run a marathon that really represents your training. 26.2 miles is a long time for everything to go according to your race plan. Plus, you guys had the stress with checking in so late and being on your feet, and what sounds like a very tough course. You’re both great athletes no matter what the clock says.

  3. Congrats on a great race!
    My best workout was probably a studio spin class I took on wednesday. I’m still coming back from a tough running injury and I’ve had to try lots of new things to keep my fitness levels up!
    My next race is just a thanksgiving turkey trot 5k, but that’s sort of the kick-off to my next marathon training cycle, so I am really looking forward to it!

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