December Training

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Usually Decembers training log gets lost in the mix.  I post a recap of the year but sometimes I forget to post what happened the last month too.

Total miles: 269
Range of paces: 5:58-10:20
Shortest Run: 2 miles warmup
Longest Run: Dallas Half Marathon
Races: 1
Workouts: 5

Favorite Workout:
2×5 mins w/ rest @6:23
3×3 mins w/ rest @6:11
2×2 mins w/ rest @6:06
4×1 mins w/ rest @6:00

Due to ice, the race I wanted to do was canceled and the workout was done on the treadmill.  I felt good, and I’m proud of the entire workout.  I never thought I would be able to run that fast on a treadmill.

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Last month I raced a grand total of 1 time.  Life got busy as well as recovery from the half.  I had planned to race the 5k too but due to weather it was canceled (not that I would have wanted to race in pouring rain, sleet, and ice).

I’m happy with the month.  I had a lot of productive workouts, and the Dallas Half Marathon went a lot better than expected.

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Racing Less?

Many people have asked if I will be racing less now that I’m being coached by Mckirdy trained.  That is a tricky question because I will be racing less, but it’s a combination of being busy for the next few months, winter having fewer races and being coached by James.  Many factors have contributed to my schedule.

Even though I’ve set both my 5k and half marathon PR in the winter, there are far fewer races between January-February.  Unlike September-November when you can find 10-15 races per weekend, you’ll be lucky to find 1 per week.  So the short answer is, yes I will be racing less.  I might go to races and do them as workouts, but I won’t be racing twice a weekend.  I think I ran 7-8 races in October?  Ha!

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Questions for you:
How were your workouts in December?
Are there fewer races in the winter where you live?


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  1. I only did one race in December as well. I ended up with 24 races last year, which was probably on the higher end for me. I’ve only got a few races planned so far for January through March (3 half marathons and 2 5Ks). I’m torn because I really LOVE racing, but I also want to be able to put in the proper training to really focus on lowering my times. Such a dilemma!

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