Training Last Week: Double Workouts

me running rain

Last week was an interesting week of training for me.  Towards the end of the week, I didn’t feel great and for a number of reasons I skipped racing.

Monday: 7.5 miles easy
Tuesday: Workout: 6X800s
Wednesday: 60 minutes easy
Thursday: 60 minutes easy
Friday: Workout: 3X8 min intervals with 2 mins recovery
Saturday: 60 minutes easy
Sunday: 80 minutes Easy with a friend
Total 57


6X800s (splits ranged between 3:01-3:06)

This workout didn’t go as well as I would have liked.  I didn’t feel good the entire day. The track ended up being closed that morning, so I had to do the workout on the road. Generally, I like to do that more, but, I was hoping to get on the track.  Some of the 800s were up minor hills, into the wind or with a tailwind.  It was more similar to an actual race but lacked consistency.

3X8 minute intervals with 2-minute break (6:23 pace)

6:23 is my PR half marathon pace from Carlsbad and this workout definitely tested me.  I can’t say I felt great, but I was able to make the intervals. Feeling bad and making intervals is a lot better than feeling good and not so I’m pleased with how the workout went.

The rest of the mileage was easy.  Instead of racing the Loop Run (one of my favorite low-key races), I ran with my fellow spouse Katie on Sunday.

Next week the plan is to taper for the Dallas half marathon.  I’m hoping to be around 1:24 and my workouts have shown on a perfect day, I could be.  Judging by the weather of my racing during the last year perfect days are not on my horizon.   I’ll be happy with a more successful race than the Philly half.

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Question for you: How was your week of training?  What was your best workout? 

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  1. I running was off for a few weeks there but now I feel like I’m rebounding with some rest and a lot more recovery stuff! I’m sure you will be back to feeling good by the Dallas half and seriously 1:24? You are a SPEED QUEEN!!!!

  2. I didn’t have any major workouts last week (other than 10 X 1:00 hard) because I ran a half Saturday. It was rainy and windy and just yucky the whole time. I was hoping for 1:24 ish as well, but ended up w/ 1:27. I was not super thrilled w/ the time, but hopefully in better conditions I can knock off a couple of minutes. My next half isn’t until January, so I’ve also got time to put in some solid work. Have a great week Hollie!

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