The Breakfast Club, Etc. (Lake Placid)

The Breakfast Club, Etc. (Lake Placid)

While in Lake Placid last week, I decided to go to the Breakfast Club, Ect.  While looking at possible places to eat while traveling, many people recommended going.  When I browsed the Breakfast Club, Etc. menu, I noticed how many delicious items they had.  It’s one of the few restaurants/diners; I’ve actually looked at the menu beforehand and based my choice on that.


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The Breakfast Club, Etc. Atmosphere: A
Breakfast Club, Etc is located right on the Main Street of Lake Placid.  Since it’s on the Main Street, it’s attached to many different restaurants and isn’t a stand-alone building.

The inside of the Breakfast Club, Etc is cute and has a local vibe to it.  There is a bar, plenty of booths and tables.  Both times we went, we were lucky to get a booth.  I can only imagine how busy the Breakfast Club, Ect can be!

The Breakfast Club, Etc. Service: C 
During our stay in Lake Placid, we went twice to The Breakfast Club, Etc.  The first time we went, we wanted to get there right at the opening because we were hiking afterward. The website listed opening at both 7:30 and 8 so we called ahead and asked what time they opened.  The employee told us they opened at 8.  When we arrived at eight on the dot, we noticed other diners.  We asked the waitress when they opened at she said 7:30.  We were somewhat upset but let it go.

Once seated, the service at the Breakfast Club, Etc was fine. The waitresses brought out plenty of coffee, and our food was brought out quickly.

The Breakfast Club, Etc Coffee: A
The coffee as Breakfast Club, Ect is one of my favorite coffees to date.  The whipped cream is homemade, and the coffee itself is bold and hot.  I would go there just for coffee if that was an option!

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

The Breakfast Club, Etc Food: A
The Breakfast Club, Ect menu is small.  They have a lot of specialty pancakes like bacon, or maple whipped cream. A few of the Breakfast Club, Etc menu items that stood out include the french toast, smoked salmon, breakfast sandwiches, and cheddar biscuits, corned beef, and home fries. The Breakfast Club, Etc also has a full-service bar that serves bloody marys and signature mimosas. Nothing like a diner with a full bar.

Interestingly enough, the Breakfast Club, Etc doesn’t even start serving lunch until noon, and we got there when they were only serving breakfasts.  I typically eat an earlier lunch (between 11-12) so I was disappointed I wasn’t able to try anything around 11:30.

The first time I went to the Breakfast Club, Etc, I ordered the maple waffle.  The waffle came out as pancakes! It was confusing but okay.  There was plenty of maple whipped cream as well as pure syrup.  The pancakes were some of the best I’ve had.  I’m glad I don’t live close by the Breakfast Club, Etc because I’m not sure my stomach or wallet needs that daily.  It was incredible.

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

The second time I went to the Breakfast Club, Etc, I ordered a nova lox omelet with a side of fruit and rye toast.  The omelet was great and wasn’t messy.  I felt as if it had a lot of ingredients without breaking the omelet itself. They buttered the toast a lot and butter makes everything better.

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

Both meals at the Breakfast Club, Etc were equally as good.  As most people know, whipped cream is my favorite so I liked the maple waffle/pancake the best.

The Breakfast Club, Etc Cost: $$
For my coffee and both entrees, the cost was $14.  While it was more expensive the quality, of food made it worth it.

Summary/Would I come back to the Breakfast Club, Etc (Lake Placid)? 
I liked the Breakfast Club, Ect a lot and I would go back anytime in Lake Placid.  The Breakfast Club, Etc is one of my favorite brunch places (now that I know their hours)

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $12-16
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What time do you typically eat lunch? 
Do you like pancakes or waffles better? 


  1. I typically eat lunch around 11:45 and I’m more of a lunch over brunch person so I do like when restaurants let me order from the lunch menu, haha. But those pancakes do look amazing!

  2. My boyfriend and I vacationed at Lake Placid earlier this month! I had the Veggie Eggs Benedict at the Breakfast Club and it was the best egg meal I have ever eaten! Poached eggs (mmm… runny yolks!), avocado, spinach, and pesto hollandaise sauce on an english muffin. Delightful!
    We also went to Farmhouse Cafe for breakfast – my boyfriend ordered the french toast special that day (I don’t remember exactly – cinnamon french toast with fresh wild blueberry sauce??) and it was the best french toast either of us have ever had. YUM.

    1. Oh wow, I wanted to try the french toast. I think it’s worth the 6 hour drive right? 😉

  3. LOVE that place! It’s always super busy when I visit so you’re lucky you guys were able to get in without much of a wait.

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