Training: Recovery, Photoshoots and Miles

In summary I spent the majority of the week recovering from Broad Street.  Some races take more out of you than others, and this was one of the later.  Recovery logs equal boring training logs, but I would rather log those than injury based logs!

running injury free

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday were easy runs.  There was nothing of note.  So sorry for my lack of blogging content there… 

Wednesday: Uptempo 6.75 miles (6:52 pace)
I knew this wouldn’t be a “record-breaking” run, but it was nice to get some uptempo miles.  My legs were sore from Broad Street but not injured.  It felt like a moderate effort.

Thursday: Pretend Photoshoot
While it wasn’t a run, it was awesome to try out the new Saucony Ride 9 as well as take some photos for our store.  As most people know, but I’m awkward and not a super model, but we got some cool shots.  I’ve run a bit in the Saucony Ride 9 and so far, I like them a lot.  They are quickly becoming a favorite shoe of mine.

saucony ride 9

Sunday: 16 miles with 6.5 at 6:34 pace
This workout terrified me, to be honest.  I haven’t run much over the half marathon distance, so a long run was not in my comfort zone.  I felt good during the entire run.  The middle 6.5 miles was supposed to be around 6:30 pace.  While I was a little above pace, my effort level was there, so I have no complaints.

This week was my first issue free week in a while, and I felt good.  After having several minor issues and lacking motivation, I have no complaints.  Next week, I have the Newport 10k which I’m excited to race.  I don’t get to race 10ks often so it will be a treat!

Finally, last week was a Running Post Heavy Week so here is a quick list incase you missed any!
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Questions for you:
What is your favorite workout?
What is the last thing you did that scared you?