Five Things Runners Can Never Have Enough of…

As runners, we can never have enough of several items.  One of my first fears is running out of any of these items.  If you are anything like me, then you have many items stocked and ready.

Five Things Runners Can Never Have Enough of...


I don’t think anyone can have enough underwear but as runners we definitely can never have enough.  The more underwear you have, the less you have to do laundry. It’s a win-win.


As much as I go through socks, I go through underwear.  I put on a pair for my daily run, put on a new pair post running and sometimes even put on another pair in the evening after a long day.  Sometimes I go through more pairs of socks than underwear!

running socks


Shoes are a hit and miss.  You can never have enough shoes that work appropriately for you but like many things shoes have a lifespan.  I would argue having proper shoes is one of the most important aspects to keep you running.  The most important takeaway is you can never have enough of the RIGHT shoe.  If it’s not the right structure for your feet, it’s a waste.  I’ve written about the importance of wearing the appropriate type of shoe.  I’ve also written about the importance of rotating shoes too.


Anytime I work out; I’m more hungry.  If you don’t have plenty of snacks for any and all occasions, then you are doing your training wrong.  It only takes a second, or a whiff of a good smell to realize how hungry you are.  (Warning: Don’t want through the mall after a run.  Auntie Anne Pretzels never forget).

Running friends:

Seriously who doesn’t want a plethora of friends to train, run and hang out with?  When you see them in nonrunning clothes, you will wonder who they are.  If one friend gets tired of you, then you have more friends.  Seriously, though, running friends understand good and bad races.  They know the ups and downs of training, they just get it.

running friends meme

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Questions for you:
Fill in the blank: Runners can never have enough________.
How many pairs of running socks do you own?