Jingle Bell Jog (19:30)

As I mentioned on Sunday, the last few weeks have been hard. In summary, all of my runs, races have been off pace the last few weeks. That being said, my paces are being adjusted accordingly, and I’m not going into a run or race with a false hope. I’m going into each race realistic and grateful that I can run.

My husband and I arrived at the race around 7:45.  We quickly warmed up and got to the race start just in time.  They started a few minutes late which was beneficial for me because I was still putting my shoes on at 8:30.  We lined up and ran into my good friend Eric who ultimately won the entire race.

Once the race started, I found myself as second women overall.  The goal was to run around 19:30.  For the last few weeks, I’ve learned to be flexible with it.  I hit the first mile in 6:07 and I knew I had started too fast.  I was untapered and hurting at the end of the first mile.  It’s never a good sign to hurt after the first mile of a race.

Unlike the marathon, if you hurt after the first mile of a 5k you only have 2.1 to go…not 25.2.

During the second mile, I found myself running with a high school male.  We would go around a corner, and he would surge ahead…then we would go up a hill and I would.  It was nice to have someone to run with…

During the second mile, I was fading.  I felt tired, sore and my stomach hurt, but there wasn’t anything interesting of note.  We hit the second mile in 6:21 and I knew I would continue to regress.

During the third mile, I just focused on the finish line.  I haven’t hurt that much during a 5k in a while.  Even though I was wearing a GPS, I secretly hoped the finish line was around every turn.  During the last mile, I dropped the high schooler and was running alone.  I hit the third mile in 6:36.  To be honest, I laughed a little but because it was slower than many of my speed workouts as well as half marathon miles.

I crossed the finish line in exactly 19:30 and as first female overall.  I wasn’t upset or excited at the time.  I had done exactly what I needed to do and to be honest; I’m not sure my body would have allowed me to go much faster anyways.  It stinks to be ending 2015 on this note, but there will be plenty more races in 2016.

I did win a neat ornament that was pretty cool.

me 5k run

Questions for you:

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

What is your favorite race distance?