Training: Antibiotic Update and Jingle Bell Jogs

I’ve hinted at this the last few weeks, but I’m in a lull with my training.  Generally my training lulls occur when it gets colder but in this case, it’s coming from still being affected by antibiotics. 

As I mentioned earlier, I began taking antibiotics over a month ago for my skin.  While they were making my skin better, I started having side effects.  I felt bloated, lethargic and tired all if the time.

My digestive system has been off since beginning to take them as well. Outside of my physical issues, I was started feeling mentally depressed and depression is something I’ve dealt with before.

It seemed like an easy fix, stop taking the medicine and feel better.  I stopped taking the medicine on December 1st but now three weeks later, I feel slightly better but not great.

While the change in medication does affect me daily, it’s something I’ve chosen to omit from the blog. There isn’t much more I can say other than I must give it time. My doctor has been great working with me to get things sorted out. The last month has, however, caused my mindset with running to change and I’m happy to be able to run right now.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: 6X1 mile repeats (average 6:45)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Jingle Bell Jog 5k (19:30)
Sunday:  10k tempo run (6:45 pace)
 Total miles:  73 miles

Workout Wednesday: 6×1 mile uphill mile repeats (average 6:45 pace)

I felt okay.  I definitely felt my stomach during this workout. I ran 6×1 mile with short uphills and took 90 seconds rest in between. In total, I ran 14 miles for the day.  It was a boring, lackluster workout.  My paces were adjusted accordingly for how I felt.

Saturday: Jingle Jog 5k: 19:30.

I felt better than Wednesday. It was a local race and my A goal was to run around 19:30. By some miracle, I hit that right on the head. My next few 5ks are all focused on getting quality, workouts versus running for a PR. It was a windy race and my splits were 6:09, 6:21, 6:36. I definitely felt untapered and my calves were sore.  My stomach didn’t act up as much as Wednesday so it was a small victory.

Sunday: 10k tempo run (6:46 pace)

I felt the best all week during this workout.  I am happy it seems like I’m making progress with my stomach. My splits ranged from 6:33-7:13 so they were not as consistent as I should be.  Like I said earlier, I’m happy to be running and the last couple of weeks have humbled me.

This is the most depth I’ve talked about my running lately, but the antibiotic have been taking a toll. My legs feel decent, but my stomach has been all over the place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see improvements before the New Year. It’s not hindering my personal life to the most part, but it’s been hard to feel motivated to run.  It’s honestly obnoxious because as if I’m started to finally feel strong while running then I have a setback of something that has nothing to do with actual training!

This week I also recapped my 2015 training and running life.

Part 1: Getting Over and Injury and Marathon Number 2

Part 2: A lot of 5ks

Questions for you:
When was the last time your motivation was low?
Have you dressed up with an ugly sweater, hat or socks this holiday season?

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  1. I have been in such a training rut cause all the traveling. Now I’m on antibiotics and sleeping pills so I’m groggy every day. Really hoping that I can kick it back up again, I’m getting a sweater weather bod :/

  2. Interesting. I was on an antibiotic for my skin a few years ago and started having running/energy problems, among other things. Turned out I was severely anemic because the antibiotic blocks absorption of iron if you take it with food. I don’t think it took very long for me to start feeling better once I stopped taking it, maybe a week or so. Just thought I’d share.

    1. That’s interesting and I really appreciate you sharing. I’m definitely going to bring that up.

  3. I appreciate your honesty with us. I feel terrible knowing you are going through this and hope you can find answers soon!! I’m also interested in the comment about iron, have you ever looked into that? Good Luck Hollie!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling 100 percent, friend. I really hope you can get some answers soon. Not knowing is the worst. As others have said, it’s interesting to hear the iron/antibiotic connection.

  5. You are going to feel better soon; it’s just so frustrating to wait for health issues to turn around. I’m excited to log some miles with you this week!

  6. Sorry you’re not feeling well! 🙁 Still, it seems pretty impressive that you’re running such great times when you’re not at 100% (I know that probably is not much consolation). I ran a jingle bell 5k this weekend too! I wore reindeer antlers, but they didn’t stay on very well. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun!

  7. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this right now! My motivation has been waning a bit over this moth as well – missed workouts, being sick and holiday stress are all big contributors! It sounds like you’re on an upswing so my advice is just to be gentle with yourself and have patience. You will be back to your normal fierceness before you know it!!

  8. I’m sorry you’re still sorting out the antibiotics’ side effects. They can wreak havoc on a stomach. Way to be patient with yourself in terms of training.

    My motivation wanes after a half or full. Part of me wants to run out the door and the other half is like, “Eh, didn’t I run enough last week to count forever?”

  9. Hoping you continue to feel better, Hollie!
    I am wearing Christmas socks every day under my regular clothes. Haven’t found any good running ones although those Brooks socks of the month look pretty cool (posted by Janae before I think…). I have green leggings that I wore for a Saturday 10 miler and I kind of felt like an Elf so that gave me some holiday spirit. Wishing you positive thoughts.

  10. Oh yuck! Antibiotics can really mess with digestion, as they destroy good bacteria as well as the bad (and gut health is linked to mood/depression too!) I would start taking a really good probiotic to rebuild the good bacteria strands. Hope you bounce back quickly. That is still an AMAZING week!

  11. im sorry you arent feeling your best right now 🙁 that is major no fun. its great though you have a doctor that listens to you and is working to find the solution thats right for you. good luck working through this, i know you will bounce back better than ever!

  12. Ugh, antibiotics are such a pain sometimes! What helped me a lot was taking probiotics while taking antibiotics (sounds sorta contradictory, but my my doctor recommended it and it made me feel better.) I did some reading on how having diverse gut bacteria can help some feel less icky from the antibiotics (e.g. stomach issues) and there’s a wealth of research about the link between gut flora and mental health. Totally anecdotal research, but drinking kefir and eating a lot of yogurt made me feel better! Good luck!!

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