2015 Running Look Back Part 2

In case you missed the first six months, here they are.  We the left the recap off in early July.


Chapter 7: Rise and Grind…grind…grind…

After running the 19:15 5k at the Firecracker on July 4th, I hoped I had officially broken through my 5k plateau.  I had been seriously committed to 5ks for four months but my broken plateau was short-lived.  I continued to log more 5ks through the summer, but most of them were between 19:45-20:00.  While it was consistently faster than before, it was not a 19:15.

I tapered for the Belmar Chase 5k and had a disappointing race.  I knew the course was flat and fast.  I knew I was in the best fitness I had been for two years, but I flopped the race and ran a 19:34.  It was still a decent time, but my goal had been to break 19:00.  The Belmar Chase made me realize my fitness had a long way to go.  It humbled me a lot and caused me to add a second speed workout to my training week.

Belmar chase

Chapter 8: This is not a 5k

After racing no less than 15, 5ks, I took a racing mileage jump and ran the RnR half marathon in Virginia Beach.  Before RnR, the last half marathon I raced healthy was in April of 2014.  I had no idea what to expect.  I hadn’t raced a half in a while and it was 80+ degrees (as the race always is).  Due to meeting the time standard within two years, I was able to receive a comped entry.  My husband hadn’t been running much and ended finishing around my pace.  That’s possibly the only time that will ever happen and a race I will always treasure.

RnR Virginia Beach

Long story short, I ran a 1:31 and I was ecstaticIt was hot, humid and it was a good baseline for me.

The rest of September I dabbled in a cross country 10k and several more 5ks.  None of the 5ks were remarkable and I continued to run 19:45-20:00.

run the vineyards 5

Chapter 9: Month of Change

October has been one of the most pivotal months of training this year for me.  During the first week of October, I went to Syracuse to run the Festival of Races 5k.  After three months of seeing no improvement in the 5k, I saw a two second improvement.  I was untapered and didn’t foresee myself running around 19:15…but I did and ran a 19:13.  Running that fast was a complete shock.

How was this already a month ago?

Then the next weekend I ran a 19:04.  I finally felt as though I was breaking through another plateau.

Image from Bob Brock
Image from Bob Brock

Chapter 10: Runners World Festival and Celebrities

The following weekend I was invited to the Runners World Festival.  While there were many races, I opted to run the 5k and the 13.1.  They were both extremely hilly and challenge courses.  I didn’t think they would both bring the fastest times I’ve run in two years! 

On Saturday, I ran the 5k in 18:56 which was good enough for third place.  The course was difficult, and out of every 5k has been my best effort and showing.  The course was challenging, but I had an exceptional day.Runners World Half

The next day I ran the half marathon.  On a more difficult course and after having my best 5k in 2 years I was 3 minutes faster.  I was able to run a 1:28.13.  I left that weekend feeling rejuvenated with my running.  I felt confident and excited. 

Allison and I hashtag #jazzhands
Allison and I hashtag #jazzhands

Chapter 11: Running Rebirth

For the rest of October and November, I raced a lot.  I also did a lot of workouts but it seems like I haven’t raced on the right day.

I ran a 3.05 miler at my fastest pace (6:01) but the course was short. 

I ran two half marathons: RnR Philadelphia (1:25.49) and the Philadelphia half marathon (1:25.00) but I felt sick during both.  Later I found out my skin antibiotics were playing a role in that.  While it was great to have an answer, it still stinks.  I haven’t fully recovered from that yet.  While I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel like myself either.

me running philadelphia

2015 in Running Summary: 

Despite finishing my marathon injured, it was the only distance I Pred in.  That being said, I’ve had plenty of great races and gained so much fitness. I have gone from consistently running 20:30 5ks, to now consistently running 19-19:30.  My half marathon time has dropped about 7 minutes this year and I’m edging down towards my PR.  I’ve had an awesome year training wise and it’s helped me rebuild fitness I lost.

So where does that leave me now?

I currently have a few more 5ks left in 2015.  Thinking out loud, I have a few plans in the Spring of 2016 that I’m excited for but I want to take time this Holiday season for myself and for my family.

Questions for you:
How was your 2015?
What are your goals for next year?