Training October

October was the best month of training for me in about two years. I made a lot of progress this month. In fact, I made the most progress this month of any month so far.  I committed to doing speed workouts and racing frequently.  I raced a lot this month and, to be honest; I think it helped to keep me progressing.  In summary, I ran fewer miles and took more rest days but I ran harder runs.

Mileage: 274
Fastest Mile: 5:48
Range of paces: 5:48-10:30-untimed
Rest Days: 7
Races: 8
Festival of Races (19:14)
Panther Prowl (19:04)
Run the Vineyards XC (20:30)
Runners World Festival 5k (18:56)
Runners World Half Marathon (1:28.13)
Bone Run 3.05 (18:11)
JCC 5k (19:15)
RnR Philadelphia (1:25.45) Recap tomorrow

Workouts: 4
Best Race:
Choosing the best race is tough for me because I had a lot of great races. To be honest, I think the Runners World 5k was the best race because I was so shocked to finally break 19 minutes again. I think the Bone Run would have been my favorite if the course was the full distance. I didn’t have a bad race during the month, though, they were all good.  It’s easy to say that every race was good when you continued to progress.

Runners World Half

Best workout: 4X1 mile with 90 seconds rest
I guess that was my “go to” workout of October.  That was the only workout I did throughout the month.  I felt strong each time.  I like mile repeats so I’ll probably continue to train them.

How was this already a month ago?
How was this already a month ago?

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse but I’m breaking through my plateau. I went from consistently racing high 19 minute 5ks to suddenly running a 19:15 and then breaking through that and racing an 18:55 as well as an almost 18:35. How can I beat a month of training like that?

Bone Run
Bone Run

Thoughts for November:
I do plan to race more in November as well. I’m not sure which or how many races because I don’t plan them until the Thursday before. I would like to run as many as my body allows. In the Winter months I won’t have as many options because races are very few and far between, so I might as well take advantage of them now.

RnR Philadelphia
RnR Philadelphia

Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What was your best run?