The point of our travel was to watch my brother graduate college! As fun as the cruise around Manhattan was or traveling New York City, we did come for graduation.

We left around 7:30 and arrived to Matt’s campus at 8.

We were fortunate my dad was able to give him the official oath into the Navy. It was definitely a personal and touching moment for our family.

matt and dad

After receiving the oath, we went and found our seats at graduation. It took place outside (rain or shine and it came close to raining!).

Matt, mom and I
Matt, mom and I

The class had 212 students and the graduation took about 2.5 hours. I must admit the valedictorian and class president’s speeches were both two of the best and funniest I’ve ever heard.  They were certainly far funnier than my graduation speeches! They had everyone in the crowd involved.

After a few more speeches and military traditions, the diplomas were handed out.

My brothers and I
My brothers and I

We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the water near the Hudson River. I wish I had taken a photo because the catering was amazing. We had goat cheese salad and every kind of sandwich you can imagine.  I chose the Buffalo chicken sandwich which was popular.

family shot graduation

As you can see it was a really enjoyable and great weekend. It was great to celebrate with my family as well as the other families who were watching their sons and daughters graduate as well.


Questions for you:

When was the last graduation you attended?

Do you know anyone in any of the branches of the military?


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  1. Congrats to your brother! It’s nice that they had catering set up as well, sounds like an awesome graduation.

    The last graduation I was at was my own! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, I’m getting so old!

  2. Mega congrats to your brother!!!!!

    My dad was in the Navy for over 20 years. I have massive respect for anyone who serves our country!

  3. My best friend’s husband is a Navy seal, so she’s given me a little peek into the lives of the military. I haven’t been to a graduation in awhile but ceremonies like that are so inspiring!

  4. Very cool that your dad was able to give your brother the official oath. That makes the whole even extra special. I come from a big Navy family (although not my immediate family- just extended) so I have a lot of respect for those who swear in. It seems like the whole weekend was a really great time for you to be with your entire family!

  5. Congratulations to your brother once again, and it is so awesome that your dad got to give him the oath. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time at graduation and spending time together as a family. The last graduation I went to was 3 years ago when Clay graduated from college.

    I know a lot of military people because we have a base here in Charleston. Many of my friends and running partners are veterans or in the military, or came here due to someone in their family being in the military, etc.

  6. Congrats to brother LOLZ! The last graduation I attended was … probably when my sisters graduated from high school. Sheesh, time flies!

  7. Looks like a great weekend!! Last graduation i went to was my Fiances in May! He went back to school after some time off. Only had 1 semester left to finish. My college roommate was in the service, as was the guy i dated all through college and some time after. My best friend got Married this spring, Military wedding 🙂

  8. I went to watch my sister graduate from college last month. The event took over 3 hours (it was community college!!!) and it seemed like more teachers got awards than students. I was happy for her, but was so tired by the end because it started at 7PM. You brothers seemed much more fun and manageable.

    1. Sorry to hear it was so long. That’s awesome she gradated though 🙂 How many students graduated?

  9. I attended my youngest son’s college graduation in December. He had a double major so there were 2 ceremonies to attend.
    I am retired military. My youngest brother, my dad, and numerous relatives to before the Revolutionary War were in the Army.

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