Cruising Around New York City

Last weekend I headed to Long Island to celebrate my brother’s graduation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Throughout the last four years, he has worked extremely hard. My family and I could not be more proud of him.

Unlike many college graduations (mine included), it was a multi-day event! I was very lucky my parents made space for me in their car so I did not have to drive. Although it was packed, it was nice not to drive everywhere!  They picked me up on Wednesday and we headed up.

We arrived on Long Island late on Wednesday evening. We were exhausted and fell asleep early.

On Thursday, we went over to my brother’s school to watch the change of command.

matt and i

This event is when the senior class pass the leadership duties to the junior class.  In tradition, afterwords all of the seniors run down (in their dress uniforms) and jump into the pool. It was humorous to watch 200 people stampede into the pool in full dress.

We also went into New York City and toured.  My brother is extremely knowledgeable and has been on almost every platform and station in the city.  He could tell you how to get anywhere with his eyes closed.  I did not get the same genes because I can’t even tell you how to get through my neighborhood.

Family shot in Times Square
Family shot in Times Square

Later in the evening, we went on the senior cruise. The cruise went around NYC and Jersey city from 7-11pm.  It was the perfect time to watch the sunset and enjoy the time.

new york city from afar

It was an all you can eat buffet as well as all you can drink! The food, the views and the dancing was incredible.

new york city cruise 1

The cruise itself was from 7-11 pm but with getting in and out of the city, we didn’t get back to the hotel until 1am. That is closer to my normal wakeup time versus my normal bed time!  It was an late night for us. I see you over there Jersey City

I see you over there Jersey City

"Please take this photo in front of all of these things that made me miserable"
“Please take this photo in front of all of these things that made me miserable”

I have no regrets staying out late and the experience was absolutely incredible. I enjoyed seeing New York because it’s not something I normally get to see.

Questions for you:

Have you ever gone on a catered cruise?

Have you ever been to NYC?