Summer Products

The summer has finally heated up and set in.  Not only has the calander summer came but it feels like summer.  On Tuesday it was 94 degrees here (although the thunder storms made it a little more bearable…until the power went out).

Last month I did an extremely late post about the items I loved for Spring.

Now I’m doing an early post thinking about items I am enjoying this summer. Maybe I’ll do a second post for items I like in the late summer too.  [None of these products are sponsored]


Saucony Triumph:

I’ve mentioned I’ve been enjoying the Saucony Triumphs a lot more than initially anticipated.  I’ve gone through 2 pairs already and am on my third pair.  I think I should do an updated review because my thoughts have changed drastically on the shoe itself (in a good way).

A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers...
A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers…

The R8 Roller

This 120 foam roller is the best thing I’ve purchased for my running.  The roller blade wheels physically clamp onto your muscles (don’t do your Shins, that will result in pain!).

We first started carrying these at work a few months ago and since then I’ve been obsessed.  I realized early that I needed to buy myself one.  I’ve had everything from the stick to an actual foam roller, honestly these get the deepest of anything.  The only real drawback is that they do have a $120 price tag.  It’s well worth it in my opinion. 


Sanuk Sandels

I like them because they are an open toed sandal but do provide a little bit of arch support.  I always tell people that working at a running store has made me a diva about what goes on my feet. If it’s not comfortable…I’m not wearing it.

ha I even wore them on my wedding day.
ha I even wore them on my wedding day.

Saucony Kineta Relay Shoe

I think Saucony has done great updates to all their shoes lately.   I was excited to see what they were doing with a “casual” nonrunning shoe.  I walked around NYC in the Sacuony Kineta relay and it was extremely comfortable.

Taken from their website because I didn't take a photo when they were clean.
Taken from their website because I didn’t take a photo when they were clean.


It has memory foam at the bottom so it molds to your feet.  Plus they are a little cuter than running shoes (with more support than flats). I can worry about fashion versus comfort for non running shoes right? 

Saucony's in NY action.
Saucony’s in NY action. You can see how bright their shoe laces are)

So right now those are a few things I’m enjoying this early summer.

Questions for you:

What products are you enjoying this summer?

Do you wear or are you a shoe diva like me?