Geets Diner

Last month my brother, Matt, came to visit New Jersey.  Even though it was rainy, we decided to head down to Atlantic City. On the way we passed Geet’s Diner.  I had seen Geets before but never stopped.

Atmosphere: A

The outside was metallic and welcoming. It took us a few minutes to realize that there was a “sports bar’ also attached.


We sat on the diner (and nonalcoholic) side. The inside was the typical diner layout: one big room with a bakery, bar stools and of course rows and rows of booths. We sat in a nice red booth across from the bar.

Coffee: A

The coffee was really good. I have no compaints (only that we had more). The whipped cream was extremely thick. It was clear they made the whipped cream on premise (it wasn’t canned). It nearly fell out of the mug.

Geets diner Coffee

Food: B

Geets diner had a large menu and had many different items. It wasn’t the biggest diner menu but they had plenty of options.

I was hungry so I ordered the lima bean soup as an appetizer.  It was pretty good.  I don’t remember the last time I had lima beans!

Geets Diner Lima Bean Soup

I ordered the salmon salad and a side of pita bread.

Geets Diner salad

The salad wan’t good or bad but it was average. There was nothing interesting or unique about it. I enjoyed it but there was nothing unusual.

Cost: $

The total for my coffee, salad and soup was 12 dollars.  The total for all 3 of us was 34 dollars. This is extremely inexpensive. We normally spend 40 dollars for 2 people at diners!

Would I come back/Overall Thoughts:

Geets Diner is a good stop for those getting on/off the Atlantic City parkway. It’s not a bad diner and it’s cheap. There are closer diners to me that have about the same food. It’s a typical New Jersey diner.

Cliff notes:

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: A

Food: B

Price: $8-15 dollars

Overall: B

Questions for you:

Where is the best coffee you’ve had?

Do you like Lima Beans? 


7 responses

  1. One of my FAVORITE vegetables (if not, THE favorite) is a lima bean. Oh my gosh, I can eat a whole bag dipped in Dijon mustard as a meal. I’m weird. But I love them so much.

    I’m not gonna lie… I really like Wawa coffee. There used to be a café in Chambersburg I used to go to in order to study… I think ‘The Butcher Shop’ owned it. They had pretty good coffee! I think I need to go to more local coffee shops instead of the big guys. I realize I don’t frequent them very often.

  2. This looks like a great diner and super cheap. You can’t beat homemade whipped cream, so yummy :). Glad you got to share the experience with your brother too!

  3. The best coffee I’ve ever had was this one gas station a couple years back. It was after a race and so I was in that silly-tired mood. The gas station had “blueberry cobbler” coffee which I found really funny. I was really thirsty so I got an Extra Large. It tasted so good, like drinking an elixir of life. I will never forget that post-race coffee 🙂

  4. I LOVE lima beans! My mother used to make me lima bean soup when I was little and I used to save all the lima beans and snack on them throughout the rest of the day because I’m a weirdo. We’ll have to petition the new Crystal Lake Diner to offer lima bean soup, for sure.

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