A Raceless Week…

I had planned to run daily last week but with travel and vacation that didn’t happen. Often times we get too upset and miserable by an individual day or week of training. Your results are a collection of all of your workouts (both good and bad). Even though I felt good on Sunday, a rest day is never a bad idea.

The change of scenery from South Jersey made all the difference.
The change of scenery from South Jersey made all the difference.
Monday: 10.5 Miles easy
Tuesday: 10.7 miles easy
Wednesday: 10.5 miles
Thursday: 11 miles treadmill
Friday: 10 miles easy around LI
Saturday: 5 miles treadmill (8:34 pace)
Sunday: Rest
Total: 58 miles


As you can see, I didn’t race last week. On Monday I felt the soreness of my legs from the Trail 10k. It felt good to stretch my legs out though.

By Wednesday my legs felt really good and recovered. Everything about that run felt awesome. The weather was beautiful, my legs felt good and the run seemed to fly right by. I traveled to New York with my parents in the evening.

Since I was out of town, I ran on the treadmill on Thursday. I don’t like to run in unfamiliar areas outdoors. The treadmill doesn’t bother me but running in an unfamiliar area does.  I am glad I ran on the treadmill because I was able to play with the pace and ran a negative split run (with the final mile at 6:58). It is nice to begin integrating speed work into my running again!

I became more familiar with the area on Friday so I ran outside. I ran around a golf course and school. It was an enjoyable and easy run.  I didn’t get lost or hit by traffic so that was a win.

On Saturday I ran 5 miles on the treadmill at 5am. It was a nice short run before beginning a busy day.

On Sunday, we stayed at a different location.  The hotel didn’t have a treadmill, it was pouring rain and it was located on a highway near the JFK airport.  I’m not running on the highway in the pouring rain.  I rested and that was that.

This week taught me an important lesson:

I am finally craving speed! I miss speed whether it’s in the form of a race or just running faster on my own. I know it’s the missing component to my training and I am excited to integrate it into my workouts!

My plans for the next week:

I want to begin integrating speed work to my runs. I don’t plan to go all or nothing and add races and track work. Next week, I want to add some fartleks and fast finishes.

Questions for you:

What kind of speed workouts do you like doing?

How do you plan your rest days?

I don’t normally plan them…there is normally a day that I don’t feel great.