Union Plaza Diner

I’ve been working and remodeling my diner page on the blog as well.  It now includes a map with pins of the diners I’ve been to in NJ.  Let me know what you think!

Last month I was in Union County, NJ. The Union Plaza Diner is my first diner review in Union County. Both Tim and I were lucky that Christine was able to meet up for an early grandma dinner. We orginally planned to meet at 6 but ultimately ended up meeting at 4:45.  Early grandma dinner for the win!

Christine and I

Atmosphere: B
I wouldn’t expect a diner to be crowded at 4:45 pm and it wasn’t. 4pm is the senior dinner crowd and 6pm is the youths!

We sat in the first booth.  My side faced the bakery and cake section as well as the bar. The diner was really cute .  The one factor that was interesting was how tiny the booths are! Tim and I could barely fit into one side of the booth!

Coffee: A
The Union Plaza Diner coffee was delicious and I have no complaints. The waitress gave plenty of refills as well as whipped cream every single time. The whipped cream was made fresh in house so you know I’m a fan! The actual coffee was good too.

Union Plaza Coffee

Food: A
The more diners I review, the more amazed I am by the selection of food. The Union Plaza diner had over 300 menu items. That is probably the most of any diner I’ve been too. It took us 20 minutes to decide what we wanted. I wish I had gone with their signature salad but I saw the Greek salad in real life and ordered that. I topped it with chicken and pita bread.

Union Plaza Diner

As you can see from the photo, they literally gave an entire chicken breast for the salad. The Greek salad had the normal toppings (including anchovies which I love!). It also came with four grape leaves! The massive chicken breast took over the salad. While the pita bread was a little crispy for my liking, I have no complaints. It was one of the best and most filling salads to date.  Plus the presentation was fabulous.

Cost: $
For my salad and coffee it was 16 dollars. It is a good deal for the amount of good I received!

Overall thoughts/would I come back?
The Union Plaza diner is incredible. I really want to come back because it’s so good. When I do, I’ll just opt to sit at a bigger table.  I want to go to more North Jersey diners because they have all been so good to me.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Price: $10-20
Overall: A

Questions for you:
What is the smallest restaurant you’ve ever been in?
Have you ever tried grape leaves?


3 responses

  1. I love how your coffee review is more of a whipped cream review LOL. I really wish I lived toward NYC or even Philly so you’re close enough to go into the city/more prominent areas, but still far away where you can actually afford to live. Ahh, the dreams.

  2. I love grape leaves! Only the vegetarian ones though- I’ve seen some places that had them on the menu with meat in them and others just rice. I like the rice ones. I like Greek food in general, though I haven’t had it in awhile.

    Your salad looks good and this diner looks like a great place in general. Glad you got to share a meal with Tim and Christine too :).

  3. GRAPE LEAVES ARE DA BOMB! We get them on our salad bar every so often at work and my coworker and I eat them all before any customers can get them (not sorry at all). They are like Greek ravioli!

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