Wedding Sneak Peak

As a child you visualize a lot of things and a wedding is one of them.  I can’t say I’ve been obsessed with this day my entire life but my wedding is something I’ve always looked forward to.

It’s strange to have a weekend dedicated to you and your life.  For those who don’t know, I’m not one for the center of attention.   I don’t like all eyes on me.   I have a blog and I’m able to write but to have 100 eyes on me was not something I looked forward too.  At least with blogging, if people grow tired of reading they can click out…

The actual wedding:

To be honest I had the perfect wedding and I didn’t stress about it.  Of course there were a few brief moments that I was lucky to complain to my parents, bridesmaids and T but I wasn’t perpetually stressed for a year.  I have too much other stuff to stress about versus a celebration.  I don’t have a lot of advice to give because honestly I took each day as it came.  I trusted the wedding vendors, caterers and everyone involved.  They are the professionals, not me.

The second part of no stress was T and I took the wedding as a giant party.  Why get stressed about something that you know is supposed to be a celebration?  We spent time and effort on things that were important to us such as music, food and cake.

I’ll probably do quite a few wedding posts.   It’s a running blog, diner blog and for the next month a wedding recap blog too.  There is so much to talk about and I’m sure parts will be lost in the cracks. 

In March, my dad gave me the best advice:

“A wedding is like a freight train.  Once the freight train has left the station, you cannot do much to stop it.  What happens, happens”.

I really took that advice to heart.  Once we began planning, we just allowed the punches to role and things to happen.

Here are a few sneak peak photos.  I think photos tell more of a story than thousands of words.  My photos were done by Justice Images and I think they did an amazing job capturing the day. 

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We truly had such an incredible time and I cannot think of one thing I would do differently.  I will always be grateful for the support and help from friends and family as well as the wedding guests, vendors and caterers.

I plan to talk more about my caterers and vendors.

The ceremony (if anything just show a bunch of pictures…because they are truly incredible)

The reception (hashtag so much dancing)

I already rambled away about how much fun we had on our honeymoon.

Key West


Vacation Eating

Cruise Ports

So please feel free to follow along in such an important and incredible moment of my life…or just skim and wait for the diner and running posts…

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  1. Your wedding was amazing and you succeeded in making the reception one big party! Have to say your photographer did a great job. That photo of you and your brother and Dad is wonderful!!

    1. I’m so glad you could come and celebrate with us Kris. I am super excited for the rest of the photos to come out because I know they captured some glorious moments.

  2. I got busy and forgot to write about our wedding…and reception…and I never really posted pictures. I’ve thought about going back and doing it now, but I feel like that would be weird. Maybe one day I’ll just dump a bunch of pictures in. I can’t wait to see more of yours!

  3. you made such a stunning bride, Hollie! That dress is beautiful and you and Tim look so happy and wonderful together. can’t wait to read more about your experience-even though I’m light years away from such an event :p

  4. You looked gorgeous! Sounds like your dad is a smart man! I know I find it hard not to stress out, but with so many things out of your control its important to just relax and enjoy your day! : )

  5. Your photos are honestly some of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen and I loved your philosophy through the whole wedding planning process. Like you, I hate being the center of attention and I cringe thinking about the day that it becomes my turn to go through it, but you can never go wrong with one big party where you’re with all of your favorite people!

    1. Honestly as long as you just take everything in stride and think of it as a giant party it really won’t be terribly stressful. At least that was my case LOL.

  6. I loved your attitude through your entire wedding process, and I’m glad that everything turned out just the way you wanted it to 🙂 You make an absolutely gorgeous bride and your venue was just perfect.

  7. That’s some great advice from Papa LOLZ. It’s tough not to obsess and micro-manage every detail, and you did a really good job of going with the flow. Gorgeous pics too!

  8. I love your Dad’s quote…he’s completely right. I am so glad that you had such a beautiful wedding and such a great time. You looked absolutely amazing!

  9. What a stunning set of photos. You look absolutely radiant and your hair and makeup are perfect. You carry and hold yourself with such grace and poise, and I know you joke sometimes about being a ‘real girl’ but you seem just as comfortable as a beautiful and elegant bride as you do being a badass runner who smashes out incredible times race after race.

  10. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I like your view on the wedding as one big party. Our friend who got married this past weekend totally had that outlook and I loved it– she was so happy and didn’t even care when little things went slightly wrong!

  11. I love looking at wedding photos. You look so pretty and happy. I love the silk floral robes you and your bridesmaid had too!

  12. I LOVE the photos! I also love that venue! Not stressing is the best. Those brides who stress over everything probably don’t get to enjoy it nearly as much!

  13. These photos are so gorgeous Hollie!!! The picture of Tim and your dad together in their military uniforms (sorry- don’t know the proper terminology!) makes my heart melt. I can only hope to have a wedding ne day that is such a celebration!!!

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