Wedding Wrap Up

I received my wedding photos last week and I’ve finally put everything together.  My wedding was one of the best and happiest days of my life! It’s hard to believe it was already four months ago!  My life continues to live on and I continue to enjoy life.

In my last post I put together a final slideshow from the wedding.  I also answered a few questions with a survey.  I’m a sucker to look at my friend’s big days so please enjoy.

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Here are a few questions and a quick survey too.  If anyone can learn anything from my wedding than it’s a success right?

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It’s hard because there were so many “best parts”! As cliche as it sounds the best part was celebrating Tim and I with our family and friends.  It was great to have all of my friends together in one spot.

What do you feel was totally unnecessary?

To be honest, I think we got rid of a lot of unnecessary things before the wedding. We didn’t have over the top decorations, 10 feet tall centerpieces or anything like that.  We focused on keeping a simple wedding.  Fancy decorations and over the top glam is some people’s dream wedding but it wasn’t mine!

What would you change, if anything?

If I could change anything, I probably would have invited more people! We didn’t have a destination wedding, however, many people did travel.  This meant several people were unable to come so we had a lot more space then I expected.  Our wedding planner said about one-third of guests invited wouldn’t be able to come.  That was accurate.

What was unexpected that you loved?

One thing I loved was how much people were able to enjoy themselves and mingle with others. We decided not to have assigned seating. We wanted people to sit where they wanted. I was warned this could go badly but guests were able to meet new people and enjoy themselves.  I was happy it ended up well and people were able to meet others and chat. I think it was the riskiest thing we did at our wedding.

What are your fondest memories of your wedding day?

A few of my favorite memories were dancing with my beautiful flower girl, dancing with my husband and just laughing the entire time. I truly never stopped smiling.

wedding cake

Is there anything you wish you had spent more time or money on?

T and I agree we wished we had spent more time rehearsing our dancing. It was extremely awkward but I guess awkward is the definition of us.  We made up for it during Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda though.

Is there anything you wish you had spent less time or money on?

There wasn’t anything we felt we should spend less money on. We definitely put a lot of our budget into an awesome DJ, good food and good booze. We spent the least on decorations and I think that worked out well for us.

Were there any unexpected surprises or issues?

We were supposed to have sparklers but the firecode in Norfolk prevented that. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world and if I had properly researched that we would have figured it out sooner.

What’s your number #1 tip for future engaged couples?

Tackle each item one at time.

Similar to writing a paper or working on a project, wedding planning has multiple steps that must be conquered. There are so many websites with timelines for wedding dates.  Print one out so it’s easy to figure out what needs to be done, when!  I also think that having a day of the wedding planner was the best thing we did.  We didn’t worry about anything!

How did you feel after the wedding?

I was happy. It was truly one of the greatest days of my life and I will never forget it.

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Thank you to everyone who followed along and took this journey with us.  We had one of the best times of our life and could not have done it without everyone.  I appreciate my family, friends and readers sharing their love.  It’s time to move forward to the next chapter of our lives.

Lengthy Wedding Post

Wedding vendors

In my last wedding post, I posted a glimpse of my vendors.  Now I will post a longer more in-depth version.

Our wedding was everything we imagined and more.  Honestly, we were never stressed about anything. Both of our families were there for us as well as our friends.  We could not have done it with out the professionalism of our vendors and the help of our family.

We currently live in NJ, but got married in my hometown area of Hampton Roads, VA.  As much as we LOVE New Jersey (at least I really do), neither Tim or I have family here.  It didn’t make sense to have a wedding around here.

While being engaged, we visited VA four times.  Each visit we hit the wedding planning hard.  We had back to back meetings but got everything done.  It wasn’t nearly as scary as we both had anticipated.  I think that the majority of the no stress was because our wedding planner, Hannah, was so helpful.

My philosophy of weddings is it’s one giant party.  That is how we treated it the entire time..

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The Wedding

With the exception of the venue, we booked the first vender we met with in every category.  I was happy with each person and company so we thought it was silly to continue looking.  Wedding planning is like playing the slot machines, you quit while we were ahead.

First, I’ll start with my wedding planner: Hannah Hiladabrandt.  Hannah helped through most of the wedding process.  I found her in August and she helped until our wedding April 12.  She is truly an incredible women and I am so glad to have found her!


After emailing a few people, she made me the most comfortable and she was the most laid back.

  • She helped put us in contact with our venue as well as the DJ, and makeup.
  • She also gave ideas along the way and put together a timeline the month before of the wedding
  • She also gave a lot of ideas of things I never thought about.  There were so many little things that piled up the last month!
  • At the wedding she made sure everything went smoothly and our only job was to have fun.  This was the most important and having her allowed us to truly enjoy the day.

I cannot stress how much having someone else in charge made the day much easier.

hannah 1

All I did at the wedding was drink booze, talk to family and friends and dance.

Neither Tim nor I worried about a single thing.  Hannah and her staff were there to help, coordinate and make sure the timeline went as anticipated.  She was great and I 100% recommend her.


We got married at the Half Moone Cruise Center in Norfolk, VA.   About a month after we got married, it reopened and has a few different cruises that dock there.  I loved the center because of the massive windows and how modern it was.   It’s not normally a wedding venue but Hannah was able to get into contact with them.

half moon cruise center 4

half moon


Justice Images have done a lot of photos for myself and my family and friends.  The Justice’s are family friends as well as professional photographers. If you ever need any sort of photography done I would recommend them.


Sometimes people fear wedding photographers are intrusive but we never felt that way. I will always book the Justices for any photos I need.

aisle 2


For food and alcohol, we used Omar’s Carriage House in Norfolk, VA.


My bridesmaid, Theresa,  recommended them and after trying them once I knew Omar’s was perfect.  We had a steak, seafood and vegetarian option.  We chose buffet style because you never know what someone wants portion size.  Everyone wants a different amount of food and it’s nice to pick and choose.  We had more than enough food and I was happy to have some for breakfast too.

I think my favorite part of the wedding was when the caterer says: “You know, most brides don’t eat but you are already up here for round two…”food 2

One thing I can’t stop raving about was Omar’s “Delux” Coffee Station. Obviously an important and necessary part of the wedding was a coffee bar.  Tim and I’s wedding had a coffee bar with coffee syrup, whipped cream, and all the things you put in coffee.

My mug was filled 50% kaluha and 50%, 20% coffee and 30% whipped cream.

coffee station


My cake was done by Diana’s Sweet Tooth  Honestly, it turned out beautifully and it was the best cake I have eaten. I’m definitely a cake snob too.  In fact the only thing that upset me during the evening was the cake didn’t come home with us.  I wanted midnight cake!


Our favorite type of cake is red velvet.  Since our colors were navy and white, red totally clashed (haha!).  Diana dyed the inside so the cake was “blue velvet”.  The cake was dense and had the perfect frosting.  The top tier is still sitting in my freezer haunting me.

cake cutting


With the recommendation from Hannah, we went with Astro DJ.  I was really happy because shortly after we booked Astro, I found out one of my personal friends was a DJ. It was truly incredible to have a personal friend and famous local runner, Jon, as our DJ. He was great and we danced the entire night.  He is extremely friendly and I don’t think we ever stopped dancing.

dance 1

Dancing and having fun was the important part of the wedding to me.  I can guarantee we did that!  In fact I think I was upset when I couldn’t dance.

dance 2

dadlolz dancing


The same women who cut my chlorine filled hair in middle school, styled my hair for the wedding. It was perfect and I loved everything about the style. Tiffany is truly incredible and I think she did so well with everyone’s hair.  I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted there for my big day.

hair 1

hair 2


My makeup was done by Blush Tones. Hannah recommended her when I had absolutely no idea where to go.

Before the wedding, I hadn’t ever tried airbrush makeup.  I kept telling the woman, it’s like you are putting on a whole new face! If you are one the fence about getting your makeup done for your wedding, I recommend it. It was such a fun experience and I loved it.

blush tones 3


My flowers were done by personal friend Kyle.  We grew up and swam together.  He worked at a florist so was able to really help us out.


Flowers were also something I had no idea what I wanted or even needed.  We wanted flowers to enhance the wedding but didn’t know anything about different types, centerpieces and arrangements.  I told Kyle “I know nothing about flowers please help me and I trust you“.  He did such a wonderful job and we could not be happier.

tim and i 3

Theme and Decorations:

The Half Moone is a beautiful venue to begin with and that made decorating much easier.  We used a few flowers as well as plane related decorations.  We went with a traditional navy blue and yellow theme with cute plane designs (since T is a pilot…). I wanted old running shoe center pieces but that just isn’t as cute.

We kept it simple.

planes table


We had a last minute issue with transportation so luckily another personal friend Chasity was able to give me a connection to a limo service where she manages.  I would highly recommend them for any weddings, proms or times you want to rent a limo.


As you can see everything with my vendors went extremely smoothly.  If there is anyone getting married locally, I would  recommend any of my vendors to work with with. I was never stressed and everything was perfect.  They were all professional, friendly, and more on top of their game than I certainly was.

It will take me a bit longer to write up the last couple of posts with more photos and final thoughts.  In cliff notes, my wedding was everything I hoped for.


About four months ago I got married.  I wanted to wait until I received wedding photos to write a post.  To keep from typing 1000 words I plan to have several posts.

This is just a brief wedding post, mostly consisting of photos, but if you are interested in a longer post with more detail it’s here. 

We truly had the greatest day of our lives.  Our family, our friends and loved ones were all there to support us and I could not have asked for a better day.

Date: April 12, 2015

The Venue: Half Moone Cruise Center Norfolk, VA
Wedding Planner: Hannah Hildebrandt
Flowers: Personal friend, Kyle L
Dress: Maya Couture
Photographers: Justice Images
Caterer: Omar’s Carriage House
DJ: Astro DJ and personal friend Jon L
Hair: Tiffany
Makeup: Blush tones
Cake: Diane’s Sweet Tooth

half moon cruise center 4

half moone cruise center 1


flowers 1


cake 1

planes table

flowers table


hair 1

blush tones 1

groomsman 2

bridesmaids 10

wedding party 1

wedding party


behind dress


first dance]

tim and i 3

Wedding Sneak Peak

As a child you visualize a lot of things and a wedding is one of them.  I can’t say I’ve been obsessed with this day my entire life but my wedding is something I’ve always looked forward to.

It’s strange to have a weekend dedicated to you and your life.  For those who don’t know, I’m not one for the center of attention.   I don’t like all eyes on me.   I have a blog and I’m able to write but to have 100 eyes on me was not something I looked forward too.  At least with blogging, if people grow tired of reading they can click out…

The actual wedding:

To be honest I had the perfect wedding and I didn’t stress about it.  Of course there were a few brief moments that I was lucky to complain to my parents, bridesmaids and T but I wasn’t perpetually stressed for a year.  I have too much other stuff to stress about versus a celebration.  I don’t have a lot of advice to give because honestly I took each day as it came.  I trusted the wedding vendors, caterers and everyone involved.  They are the professionals, not me.

The second part of no stress was T and I took the wedding as a giant party.  Why get stressed about something that you know is supposed to be a celebration?  We spent time and effort on things that were important to us such as music, food and cake.

I’ll probably do quite a few wedding posts.   It’s a running blog, diner blog and for the next month a wedding recap blog too.  There is so much to talk about and I’m sure parts will be lost in the cracks. 

In March, my dad gave me the best advice:

“A wedding is like a freight train.  Once the freight train has left the station, you cannot do much to stop it.  What happens, happens”.

I really took that advice to heart.  Once we began planning, we just allowed the punches to role and things to happen.

Here are a few sneak peak photos.  I think photos tell more of a story than thousands of words.  My photos were done by Justice Images and I think they did an amazing job capturing the day. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We truly had such an incredible time and I cannot think of one thing I would do differently.  I will always be grateful for the support and help from friends and family as well as the wedding guests, vendors and caterers.

I plan to talk more about my caterers and vendors.

The ceremony (if anything just show a bunch of pictures…because they are truly incredible)

The reception (hashtag so much dancing)

I already rambled away about how much fun we had on our honeymoon.

Key West


Vacation Eating

Cruise Ports

So please feel free to follow along in such an important and incredible moment of my life…or just skim and wait for the diner and running posts…

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving), we went down to VA to get some wedding planning done.  I feel like in 36 hours Tim and I accomplished a lot.  Not only accomplished but we had a great time.

Before we talk about my wedding can we please talk about Snooki’s wedding:

“She confirmed the news over Twitter, demonstrating excellent emoji use and sharing a photo”

snooki wedding




I didn’t realize Snooki and I had so much in common but announcing she was “officially” married on twitter with emojis seems like my type of thing.


Anyways back to my adventures…We arrived back to VA around 11pm.  If you know me then you know I haven’t been up that late in a while.

On Saturday morning we met with our cake decorator at Starbucks.  She brought us a sample and it was delicious.  I knew within one bite she was exactly who I wanted to do our cake.  It was perfect.  I won’t spoil the cake but if you know me, you know I have a huge sweet tooth.  Cake is ranked in my top 5 most important aspects of my cake.

After a whirlwind morning, we went to lunch at my favorite local restaurant JoJacks.  I have mentioned it on the blog before (and if you have visited me in VA then you have probably gone).

In the afternoon, Tim and I headed to downtown Norfolk to pick up my race packet.  We ended up walking around Norfolk for a while and just enjoying the sights.

A photo of me in Norfolk
A photo of me in Norfolk

Then we were able to hang out with one of my best friends Theresa.  We ended up going to No Frill Bar and Grille in Norfolk.  If you are ever visiting down there, it’s certainly one of the hidden gems of the area.  It was nice to just catch up since we hadn’t seen each other since August.

Here we are post dinner
Here we are post dinner

After that we met with our florist another Starbucks.  I don’t know if this is normal but all of my wedding vendors have wanted to meet at local Starbucks.  I went to him and said “I have absolutely no idea what kind of flowers I want or need”.  Luckily after about an hour of chatting we were able to figure something out.  I was a little bit worried it would be more stressful to pick out flowers.  Something that I have enjoyed about wedding planning in general is that everyone is so friendly.  They don’t make me think I’m a total idiot.  (Thank you people in the wedding business). 

flowers meme

On Sunday I ran the half marathon and just relaxed and hung out with my parents before heading back to New Jersey.  I feel like I got more accomplished this weekend then the last month of wedding planning. I feel more confident with our wedding (it’s pretty obvious I’m way out of my element).  Soon I’ll post about my bridal party.

The next step in December is to get wedding invites picked out and to find someone to actually marry us (who knew that would be the hardest part)?  It seems silly (to me) to pay thousands for wedding invites that will only end up in the trash..but what do I know.

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Questions for you:

Where did you get your wedding invites? 

If you have gotten married, what kind of flowers did you have?

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