The Edison Diner

Edison Diner (Edison, NJ)

I was racing in Northern Jersey a while ago and decided to stop somewhere to eat post-race. Of course, when we are in a new area, we google diners.

The Edison diner is located in Edison, NJ directly off of exit nine on the turnpike. When we got there around lunchtime on a Sunday, it was crowded. Despite getting the last parking spot at the Edison Diner, we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.  As I have mentioned before, diners are like black holes.  When the parking lot is full, there is somehow always room in the restaurant.

Edison Diner Atmosphere: B
The Edison Diner is easy to locate from the highway. It’s a nice building outside with a large sign that says,”Edison Diner.” If you can figure out the jughandle turn, it’s a cute diner along the main road.

The inside of the Edison Diner is a typical diner. There are several booths and restaurants. We sat in a (tiny) two-person booth. Personally, there was not enough room for me, but we didn’t have to wait too long for a seat.  I wanted to sit at the bar, but I’m always starving after a race so that waiting never happens.

Edison Diner Coffee: B
I always wonder if all coffee tastes better post-race or long run. There was nothing to write home about this coffee, but it wasn’t bad.

The whipped cream melted before I had a chance to photograph.
The whipped cream melted before I had a chance to photograph.

Edison Diner Food: A
The Edison Diner is known for its comfort food and extensive menu. We were both pleasantly surprised. We had not looked at the Edison diner menu beforehand, but we assumed it would be the typical diner fare. While looking through the menu, we quickly realized there were over 100 menu items.  The Edison Diner has salads, burgers, fries, bread, finger foods, shrimp, plenty of lunch, and dinner specials too.

Since it was the morning, and the Edison diner had over 50 omelet choices, I was determined to try one. I ordered a feta cheese omelet with spinach, onions, and chicken.

The omelet looked like a greek salad with eggs…or something like that. It came with a side of sourdough bread and hash browns. The omelet was perfect, and I have no complaints.  It was not the prettiest meal at all (neither was plate actually), but it was delicious.


Edison Diner Cost: $
For my omelet and coffee the cost was $11. It’s a cheap diner, and with the amount of food you receive, it’s a deal.

Would I come back to the Edison Diner?
Overall thoughts of the Edison Diner: B
I thought the Edison diner was good. I was impressed with how quickly we found a table, ordered and received our food (because of how busy it was). This diner is now about 90 minutes from my house, so if I’m in the area, I’ll be back, but I wouldn’t drive 90 minutes to get there.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Cost: $7-14

In summary, the Edison diner is a great and quick stop right off of exit nine on the New Jersey turnpike. I would recommend stopping if you are in the mood for typical diner fare.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite post-race meal?

Do you like to sit in restaurant booths or small? 

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  1. I must have a cheeseburger and fries after a race and a sprite. I never drink sprite, but for some reason I crave it after long runs and races. Maybe it’s the sugar?

    I prefer booths – I feel like they are cozier 🙂

  2. The omelet looks tasty. Greek salad in omelet form sounds good to me because I love both. Feta is the best :). Plus you can’t beat the price for an omelet + coffee.

  3. Those hash browns look so good! I like eggs after a race too. Also heaping fruit platters with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with honey. I drove by Adelphia on the way to a race today and thought of you guys! I hope you found even better cake on your cruise!

  4. My favorite post race meal is usually about three bagels. The more bread the better! I like to sit in small booths with men, and at the bar with my gfs 😉

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