The Chronicles of the Bum Butt

I’ve waited awhile to write a post about how my bum butt is doing.  I’m not entire sure bum butt is a common term but both my Glute Medius and Glute Maximus have not been firing correctly. I said that if my butt was not feeling better after my honeymoon, I was going to get an X-ray and MRI.  In the cliff notes version: my bum butt is not an issue right now.

Anyways how did I get to this point?

Demonstrating that my butt hurts
Demonstrating that my butt hurts

To be honest, my butt (known as the #bumbutt) has been one of the most frustrating injuries.  While this is a running blog, so much has taken place post-marathon that I haven’t spent an extended amount of time whining and complaining.  For better or for worse, the whining has been minimized.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been frustrated with my injury and num butt; it just means I haven’t been internet whining.

Now that I’m married and settled in, the whining and nagging can begin! 

Long story short, my bum butt is finally starting to get better.  This is a combination of many factors, but a big one is going to see Dr. Kemenosh and his team (and no, I’m not being paid to say that).

I’ve had seven appointments now (the last being right before the honeymoon).  The first 4-5 times my butt wasn’t seeing much improvement.   I completely tore my body apart running the Phoenix marathonI did damage that I needed a lot of time off for…that makes complete sense, and anyone who saw me after about mile 18 can realize that.  I was so amped on endorphins I did not know the damage I was doing.

Except I don't really look happy
Except I don’t look happy

Was it the smartest to finish the marathon with a bum butt?  Maybe not, but I don’t regret it…

Post marathon, it was hard to get into the mindset that “this isn’t a quick fix.”  Healing was going to take time versus one visit and I’ll be 100%.

Things I’ve been doing to promote healing of the bum butt:

  • I have kept a journal since beginning my recovery in March. I have recorded how my run felt and when I felt pain (if I did).
  • I’ve stepped almost entirely off of dailymile. It’s not that I don’t enjoy dailymile but I didn’t need more advice and I didn’t have the time to keep up with it.
  • I’ve been strengthening my hips, glutes and everything along the legs.
  • I’ve alternated shoes between the Asics Nimbus and Saucony Triumph. Both are similar high cushioned neutral shoes but I have found the Saucony triumph don’t irritate my foot and cause blisters.  Eventually, I would like to run most (if not all) miles in the Triumph but I’ve been hesitant due to sticking to what works.  The fact is the Asics nimbus 16 worked for me, but I’m not 100% convinced the 17s do.  I’ve had a nasty blister on top of my foot (and yes, I wear proper socks…).
  • I’m going to specialists (Dr. Kemenosh and team) to get my muscles and bum butt loosened up. This is the most essential aspect of recovery and I would not be as recovered as I am without doing this.  They can pinpoint exact trigger points that need to be released so the muscle releases.

Noticeable differences:

After my marathon, I had a lot of pain everywhere on my left leg.  I had pain in the glutes, the piriformis, adductor muscle (it was painful to turn corners).  Anywhere from my bum butt to halfway down my quad had pain at some point.

Basically everywhere here
Basically everywhere here


Slowly respected muscle groups became less obnoxious and painful.  The first to deflame was my adductor muscle.  Within a few visits and realignments to my first chiropractor, that felt better.  I was able to walk normally.

Next, my piriformis began slowly deflaming.  Beginning in mid-March, my piriformis became less inflamed.  The only part that bothered me was a small attachment in my glute medius and the bum butt.  The pain was no more significant than the diameter of a pen but somehow was able to control my entire butt.  That’s why we called it the bum butt!

Running the Shamrock half marathon was probably not one of my better ideas either, but it is one of my favorite races.  I don’t have regrets running that race either.  After Shamrock, I decided to get my act together.  I had given myself 3 weeks of recovery, and I knew this was something more serious than “second marathon blunders.”  Although I knew I had done damage when I finished the marathon and had pain.  I probably extended my recovery by running Shamrock, but oh well.

But so fun!
But so fun!

Bum Butt Cliff notes:

I am slowly getting better (emphasis on slowly).  I know that going to a professional has expedited this process for the bum butt and I would not be anywhere close to where I am now without them.  I am honestly about 95% better at this point.  In a world that we want nothing but quick fixes, injuries that take time are the most frustrating.

I have another post later, but long story short, I don’t enjoy marathons.  I’ve run two full marathons and neither has been enjoyable.  I am going to stick with shorter distances for a while.  I have lots of shorter summer races in the plan this year and I’m hoping to stay injury-free to do them all.

What an extremely long post about my bum butt.  Luckily my bum butt is almost healed and it’s time to move forward.  Hopefully, it helps someone else in their bum butt recovery.

Question for you: Have you ever dealt with bum butt issues? IE: pain in your gluteus medius or gluteus maximus? How did you overcome it?