Wedding Wednesday

Have you ever had a goal race that you bombed for outside factors?

For instance you trained and tapered perfectly for a race but it was 90 degrees…obviously the weather you slowed you down and you didn’t set out for what you originally had planned for.

Well my friends, for Wedding Wednesday that is exactly how I felt last week. I drove down to Virginia only to have over half of my vendors cancel because they were sick.  Both T and I took time off of work to come down, yet we left not accomplishing everything we had hoped.

To say I’m frustrated is an understatement but no amount of complaining can change that.  So after coming to terms that we would not be meeting, we made the best of the situation.  It’s hard to plan a wedding out of town but even harder when you come into town and multiple meetings are canceled.

Luckily for me, my lovely hair stylist (who has done my hair since 7th grade) was able to make a last minute appointment.  She chopped off all of my dead ends (which was probably half of my hair at this point)

Tiffany and I

To be honest, I haven’t been to a lot of weddings.  I don’t know what I’m forgetting (or not).  I’m sure there are plenty of items…I’m frustrated, worried and nervous.  I know I shouldn’t be because it will all come together but right now it seems like a mess.

Things we were able to accomplish this week:

We were able to taste all our food.  I’m sure every bride says this but I really liked my food and I’m excited for that…so the more food for me, the better. We also tried our rehearsal dinner restaurant which was also delicious.  So basically our food is covered and I approve.

Is it just me or does everything for weddings get served in a martini glass?

Hey want some mashed potatoes in this martini glass?
Hey girl…you want some mashed potatoes in this martini glass?
Strawberry a martini glass
Strawberry cheesecake…in a martini glass

I tried on my wedding dress (Hard to believe trying wedding dresses on was 8 months ago!) and took it home.  Every time I have tried on my dress during alterations it has fit the same (to me).  I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing but it fit well and I’m happy.  So that was a success too.

none are mine don't worry.
none are mine don’t worry.

So what is left to do in the last few weeks?

  • We have all the little decorations. I could consult pinterest but I’m not that crafty.
  • Make sure everything is still on schedule and there are no surprises.

It’s hard to believe the wedding is less than 3 weeks away.  T and I are getting more and more excited to actually get married as each day passes.  We are not excited for all the little stressers coming with planning a wedding.

Mentally I’m very overwhelmed.  I have stayed rather calm through the entire process but I feel as each day counts down, I get more and more stressed.  I know it’s silly to be stressed over table layouts and small decorations…but I am.  It will all come together and I am grateful for my family and friend’s support.tim and I

Questions for you:

If you are married, what is something you forgot in the last few weeks?

What is the most crafty thing you have ever made?