CW-X Compression Tights Review

Before my marathon, I bought a pair of CW-X tights. I bought them on my own free will…(IE: I’m receiving no payment and this post is not sponsored).

These CW-X Tights

cwx tights

With flying to a goal race, I wanted to keep my body as compressed as possible (like if you open a can of Pillsbury doughboy bread and the dough explodes out). That level of compression was probably a good idea we ended up traveling 14 hours. CW-X compression gear uses targeted support for the muscles and joints. Plus now, CW-X also makes sports bras!

Actual Fit of CW-X Tights: 

Moving on, I am 5’8 and 130 pounds. I ordered the CWX small and it fit as it was supposed too. The CW-X tights weren’t too comfortable, but they aren’t supposed to be. I have to be honest, though, they held everything in place and made my legs look better than the standard black legging. I think I might buy a plain black pair of CWX tights for that reason.  The CW-X tights fit exceptionally well.

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CW-X Compression: 

The compression of the CW-X tight is good. I felt like my legs received a lot more blood flow than if I wasn’t wearing them.  My calves usually are extremely tight so I’m very particular with my compression.  I felt as if the CWX tights gave enough to butt, hamstring, IT band without being uncomfortable.

After the race, my entire left side was tight (hip, hamstring, IT band) and I felt like it held the CW-X tights kept everything into the correct place.  Mentally I felt a lot better with the compression tights on.  My IT band gets pretty tight, so I felt like these compressed appropriately.  I think wearing the CW-X tights after the marathon is a big reason my legs are recovering quicker than I expected.

Running in CW-X Tights:

I took the CWX tight out for a few shorter runs before my race.  I could notice a difference in my runs when wearing the CW-X tights.  Similar to wearing compression sleeves or socks while running, you feel less fatigued.  My quads, hamstring and upper IT band felt less tired than it usually would.

I didn’t chafe or overheat in the CWX tights.  A few pairs of leggings cause me to rub, or they are not comfortable to run in.  This is not the case with the CW-X legging. They breathe well and they are a comfortable legging to wear around.  The CW-X tights aren’t the most “fashionable” but comfort over fashion.

CWX Tight Cost: 

The cost of the CW-X legging is $105 but I do think it’s worth it. I’ve spent 90 dollars on Oiselle, Nike and Lululemon leggings that have no compression. I think the CW-X leggings are worth it if you are looking for full leg compression.

Final Thoughts of the CW-X Tights: 

I would highly recommend the CWX tights if you are looking for compression leggings to give these a try. I would also recommend if you are looking for a legging that also makes you look great, I will give these a shot as well.  I think CW-X leggings are well worth their price and I would recommend them to any runner (injured or not).  The CW-X tights now have a few fun patterns out that I am debating buying myself.

In short: I’m happy with my purchase of CWX tights, and I do believe they live up to their claim of less fatigue and faster recovery.

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Questions for you:
Have you tried compression tights before?
Have you ever had IT band issues?