One Month Away

Exactly one month from now Tim and I tie the knot.

We get married.

It’s hard to believe that this photo surfaced my social media account almost a year ago.

coffee wedding
Since last April, Tim and I have been through a lot.

But then again what couple hasn’t through their engagement?  I think it’s unfair to say we have been through any more or any less.

engagement photo 6

We have been through two deployments and multiple long term trips but we are still planning this wedding (stress free).

Looking at Venues
Looking at Venues

We have been through a serious running injury, terrible winter weather and of course a marathon. We have both had lives outside of wedding planning.  We don’t feel as if our life revolved around wedding planning.

I think having a year of planning was they key for us to stay stress free.

Next weekend we head to Virginia to get some last minute wedding details done. After that trip, it’s a down hill slide of minor details to finish.

Here are some things that could have been terribly stressful if we had let them:

  • The venue we wanted was booked every Saturday of 2015 (except one Saturday in February). I’m glad we didn’t choose February because we all know how that month turned out.
  • My bridesmaid dresses being sold out when we went to order them.
  • T was deployed or traveling 8 months out of 12.  I am lucky I had friends to

All of these thoughts just make me realize how excited I am to get married.  I truly cannot wait for our wedding next month.

Questions for you:

What is your best advice for the next month? 

Should I change from a wedding dress to runderwear for the reception? 

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  1. I remember that picture, and that even before I noticed the ring I thought “that is the same cup we bought our son Chris ;)”

    For me, the time leading up to the wedding is memorable in the moments where we were just enjoying each other. So make sure that you do that, enjoy what is going on, and don’t try to be so aloof ‘oh I am so not stressed’ that you are not fully experiencing the wedding. This is a major moment – focus on what matters, sure, but also let yourself get swept away a bit 🙂

  2. I seriously can’t believe that was almost a year ago, and that you’re getting married in a month! I’m super excited for you, Hollie 🙂 And I know I mentioned this before, but I love how you’re so relaxed about everything. I have to admit that I never quite understood why people would freak out or turn into Bridezillas, but I guess time will tell when it’s time for me to plan my own.

  3. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures of the big day! I’m really happy you’ve had such a stress free experience. That certainly was not the case for us, hence why we eloped. The reception part flies by and it can be easy to spend the entire night talking to other people and not your new husband because everyone wants your attention, so try and take some time just for the two of you. Congratulations!

    1. We were jealous of your experience of eloping. It looked like you guys had such a great time!

  4. Enjoy this next month. Breathe and don’t sweat the small stuff. The only thing that really matters is that the two of you are married at the end of it! Good luck, lady!

  5. how in the world did the past year go that quickly?! so exciting and can’t wait to hear about the wedding. you’re going to make one beautiful bride 🙂

    i’m hoping that sooner than later i’ll be thinking of wedding bells.. 😉

  6. This was me last Summer! Can’t believe it’s now been seven months since I got married.
    My best advice for the next month is to make sure that you get as much as you can done as early as you can because once guests from out of town start arriving you lose every spare second you thought you would have! Enjoy the final bits of preparation and make sure you enjoy spending some chilled out time with your hubby-to-be before it all gets manic! Surprisingly you don’t actually get to spend that much time together on the day.

  7. Wow–can you believe it? I’m very excited for you and hope that you have an amazing day, and month leading up to it. So much fun!

  8. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since you announced your engagement! I still remember being SO excited for you when I saw your instagram! I can’t wait for you to have so much fun at your wedding and it’s really hard to believe you’re only a month away! I’ve admired your approach to the stress-free planning and it’s what I hope to do when I eventually get married…hopefully not for a very long time lol

    1. I think it’s important to stay stress free. The wedding is supposed to be a fun and joyous part of your life. Being stressed about it won’t solve the problem for anyone!

  9. I still love that picture of your coffee mug and the ring! so perfect for you 🙂 CONGRATS on being a month away! SO EXCITING! I seriously love your wedding planning methods– no stress, do what you both want, and don’t worry excessively about it. Boom. you are a smart lady 🙂

  10. So close!! And so happy it has been a stress free process for you – so many people seem to overcomplicate what should be a joyful time – but as always you have such a level head I am not surprised you managed this in the same way you manage your life!

  11. hahaha. yess on the runderwear.! or I hope you encorporate running somehow into your wedding, which I’m sure you will 🙂

    and how exciting.! Enjoy this amazing time of your life, it’ll always bring back happy memories

  12. LOL “runderwear” that’s awesome. You’re awesome. You guys deserve every ounce of happiness and peace and I hope this upcoming month gives it to you and more!

  13. Eep! This went by so fast. And I think couples which can stay together through long distance are the couples which make it in the end. You’re getting all the difficult things checked off your list early on in the “marriage” (even before it even begins!!!). And if you walked down the isle in runderwear, I would DIE.

    1. LOL, alas my parents spent enough on the wedding dress that this would not be acceptable. 😉

  14. Such an exciting time! I’m glad your planning was somewhat stress free, or at least you made it your goal to keep it stress free. That’s exactly what we did for our wedding and it turned out great! I can’t wait to see and read all about it!

  15. I’m really excited for you and reading about your wedding. I know it must be a challenge to do much of the planning with Tim away, while moving and also working and training for races.

    I’m not a runderwear girl, but whatever makes the wedding special for you :). We did a runaway bride picture!

  16. Wowza, just one month away?! The question is if you’ll run with your bridesmaids before the wedding … 😉

  17. My wedding advice to you is to enjoy the moment. If something goes wrong, laugh it off. No one will even know something didn’t go as planned. Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life and it isn’t worth letting the small things ruin it, especially if you have made it this far stress free.

    1. Thanks Ann, I appreciate your advice. I hope I’m able to laugh things on no matter what happens 🙂

  18. So excited and happy for you! I am glad there was minimal stress in your planning. It SHOULDN’T be stressful.
    The picture of you two on the bridge is so beautiful!

    My husband and i were engaged for 8 years…yes, EIGHT YEARS….because just the thought of planning a wedding was so stressful. We combated the stress by setting a date a week in advance, having a teeny tiny ceremony and then a reception brunch.

    I think you should bling-out a pair of runderwear with Swarovski crystals! Definitely!

  19. My advice, ENJOY IT AND TAKE PICTURES AND DO NOT BLOG! (until a month later and you’re back to normal life…then DETAILS! 🙂

  20. honestly just let what happens happen! the month leading up to our wedding (mind you it was a fairly large wedding with my poor dad shelling out more than I felt comfortable)5 days before one of my bridesmaids told me she may not be able to get her dress in time, another told me she may not be flying in until the morning of… I am normally a super control freak, but oddly it didn’t bother me… I just cared about marrying my best friend at that point and having the best party/celebration of our lives. Just enjoy it, it goes by WAY too quickly, and things that don’t go “as planned” no one notices, you will have an amazing day no matter what. At the end of the day just remember you’re committing yourself to your best friend and hopefully get a couple good pics, but more importantly have the best party of your life!

    1. Wow that seems stressful! I’m glad you really enjoyed your wedding though. That is the most important part!

  21. Oh my goodness gracious that is amazing how close your wedding is!

    That last sentence was just the sweetest! (Sorry for the sappiness) Best wishes to you an TIm!

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