One Month Away

Exactly one month from now Tim and I tie the knot.

We get married.

It’s hard to believe that this photo surfaced my social media account almost a year ago.

coffee wedding
Since last April, Tim and I have been through a lot.

But then again what couple hasn’t through their engagement?  I think it’s unfair to say we have been through any more or any less.

engagement photo 6

We have been through two deployments and multiple long term trips but we are still planning this wedding (stress free).

Looking at Venues
Looking at Venues

We have been through a serious running injury, terrible winter weather and of course a marathon. We have both had lives outside of wedding planning.  We don’t feel as if our life revolved around wedding planning.

I think having a year of planning was they key for us to stay stress free.

Next weekend we head to Virginia to get some last minute wedding details done. After that trip, it’s a down hill slide of minor details to finish.

Here are some things that could have been terribly stressful if we had let them:

  • The venue we wanted was booked every Saturday of 2015 (except one Saturday in February). I’m glad we didn’t choose February because we all know how that month turned out.
  • My bridesmaid dresses being sold out when we went to order them.
  • T was deployed or traveling 8 months out of 12.  I am lucky I had friends to

All of these thoughts just make me realize how excited I am to get married.  I truly cannot wait for our wedding next month.

Questions for you:

What is your best advice for the next month? 

Should I change from a wedding dress to runderwear for the reception?