February Training (208 miles)

February was a unique month for me.

As I said in January, my plan was to get in mileage for two weeks and then taper the second two weeks for the Phoenix marathon.   I did about that.  I did what I wanted mileage wise and felt decent during the entire thing.

Mileage: 208

Range of paces: 6:40-11 mins-untimed

Favorite training run: My 21 mile long run with an average of 7:41 pace.  It made me feel very strong and ready for the race.


Feel the Love 5k (20:12)

feel the love 5k 1

Phoenix Full Marathon (3:14.59) Short recap and long recap to come…

Best Race:

Both races were not perfect by any means but Phoenix Full Marathon had many more positives.


I trained extremely well for the first two weeks of February.  I felt ready for my first goal race of 2015, the Phoenix marathon.  I didn’t have concrete goals but I made an effort to get the training in.  The cold weather was both shocking and often times hard to train through.  There were several runs I did not feel motivated or excited to do because it was so cold.

For the second half of the month I tapered.  I was having muscle soreness in my hamstring that I was monitoring.  I didn’t effect my gait but it was noticeable.  I was hoping that it would dissolve with 2 deep tissue massages, rest and tapering.  It died down enough that I felt okay to run Phoenix.  The marathon distance caused my issue to become legitimate concern during the marathon (I’ve never really had experience with this) and during the final miles of the marathon my hip, butt and hamstring hurt.

My plan for now is to rest and recover as well as getting a deep tissue massage.  I had planned not to run for 10-14 days already but now this is much more important to me.  I have no “looming races” that I need to train for.

I don’t have a big plan for March. I will be at Shamrock weekend since I will be in the area taking care of last minute wedding stuff.

 I do know I won’t be logging miles for a while.  I’ll have a full Phoenix recap soon (I should have plenty of time right?)

Questions for you:

Have you ever had hamstring or hip issues?

How was your February Training?