Feel the Love 5k (20:12)

Tim and I decided to run a 5k on Valentine’s Day.  The Feel the Love 5k was a team event.  We entered the “lovers category” and made our team name “Planes and Pancakes”.  It was in Philadelphia at 3:30pm.  It made for a really odd race time, especially on Valentine’s Day but Tim and I didn’t mind.  I went into this race with the strict mentality it was a workout.  I had run a successful 20 mile race before and I was finishing my marathon peak week.

Ready to go
Ready to go

I ran 5 miles in the morning to shakeout my legs.  I am normally a morning runner.  I always prefer a morning race but this was a unique experience.  My legs have also been feeling stiff since the 20 miler. As much as I do want a 5k PR in the future, I haven’t been training for that.  My plan through the summer is to run more 5ks and hopefully work towards a PR.

Anyways, around 2pm it started snowing a lot in South Jersey.  Tim and I tossed the idea around (too much) of just skipping the race.   We were cold, I was grouchy and my legs weren’t feeling the best.   I had already taken off work as well as payed for the race so we headed over.

For the race itself, It was really cold so I wore pants.  There have only been 4 races in my running career that I’ve worn pants for!

Logistics wise, after getting lost a few times we made it to the Navy Shipyard to the race in Philadelphia.  We grabbed our bibs and did a 2 mile warm up.  I felt significantly better in the morning but still not great.

This particular race had two “courses”.  Each team member would run a different course and you would see each other several times during the race.  Both courses looped around each other and you ended up doing 12 turns!  It felt like a track.

The race started smoothly and the team members went their separate ways.  The first mile I hit in 6:40.  Despite going into the race with a “workout mentality”, I was disappointed.   I quickly shook that feeling and realized that it was a good time for where I currently was (untapered, tired and on a difficult course).  I was passed by a lot of people during the first mile.  I saw T on the course.  With the course directly on the water, the first loop also allowed me to see where the wind was the worst.

The second mile I also ran in 6:40.  I passed many people and was also passed by many people.  I think I moved places the most in this 5k.   Normally I’ll be in the same place for half of the race but people were passing (or I passed a few people) more often in this race.  Not that it really matters but I could tell it was a fast field.

The final mile I ran a lot faster.  I don’t know how or why but I just picked up the pace.  I think I was ready for this race to be done.  I knew I wouldn’t hit my original goal of breaking 20 minutes but I pushed the pace as much as possible.

I passed a few women and finished in 20:12 (which was surprising after my first mile).  The finish line was a hard left at the end and I didn’t see it coming up.  All of a sudden, the race was over.

A terrible photo but proof I wore pants.
The proof is in the pants (wow TWSS)

Tim and I finished 15th team overall.  We were happy with it because it was a very competitive race.  The first few teams average 17:XX 5k times, which was incredible!  We did 2 miles cooldown.  I would have liked to have been faster but due to the workouts and mileage I put in last week, that was not possible.  This was a lot of fun and I’m glad we both got out there for a solid workout.

Questions for you:

How did you spend Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever done a team race?

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  1. The Valentine’s race I did was a team one. My teammate was my neighbor who finished in under an hour (it was an 8K). We did the team division to save $5 total off the entry fee so not to be competitive… you guys had some really speedy teams there! Looks super cold too… I really hate running in pants but I own pants (I know a few runners here who don’t have pants/tights for running! But this is SC so you really only need them a few times a year if that).

    It’s really neat that you guys spent Valentine’s Day running a race together and I’m glad you got to share that with Tim. Clay came to my race and managed the fire pit/smores and then we went out for lunch at Early Bird Diner. That was about it… we don’t celebrate much for V-Day.

  2. What a fun way to spend part of your Valetine’s together! 🙂
    J and I were at a resort in Door County.. spent the day touring wineries and obligatory day drinking!

  3. Nice! Congrats on a great showing and an awesome time, especially on tired legs. Good sign that your marathon is going to pan out nicely!

  4. PANTS! Hahaha – I’ve been racing in pants this winter too since it always ends up being below 20 degrees on race day. I really do miss half-naked summer racing!

  5. I think it’s awesome that you Tim ran a race together on Valentine’s Day, especially since running is how you both met 🙂 That’s definitely an odd time for a race, though. The afternoon is kind of when I feel the most dead, so I’d prefer running first thing in there morning or later in the evening. Yeah… I’m someone who actually gets another burst of exercise later in the day, so I actually don’t mind working out then.

  6. I think that’s an incredible time, particularly when you ran it on tired legs and in difficult conditions! It’s also my 5K PR, and I don’t think I’ll ever do better…so perhaps I’m biased 😉

    I can’t think of a better way to celebrate ‘that’ day (hehe, it’s never been a nice day for me) than running a team race together!

  7. I like how it was a team race for V-Day! And I’ve gotten lost so many times in Philly, I feel your pain.

  8. How cute. 🙂 I would love it if my husband ran.. but nope. Lol.
    Great race even though you already had a crazy running week. Way to go.!

  9. You guys did great! Team races are really fun. I’ve been on a marathon relay team before and that was an experience reminding me of the 4×400 track event. Team races lead to team dinners, something I can always get behind! Happy tapering!

  10. that’s a cute way to spend valentine’s day, and it sounds like a unique team race. I’ve done a team triathlon with my dad a few times where you canoe together instead of swimming, and then you add your bike & run times together.

  11. Great race! My legs do not want to move quickly after a 20 miler either (although yours were moving!) I’ve never done a team race, Like you, I’m looking forward to working on speed this summer!

  12. Wow, you’re super fast! Nice job. I’m working on speed and trying to bump it up this year. 🙂 Maybe even, Lord willing, I’ll get a 5k pr.

  13. How fun! I would love to do something like this with my husband 🙂
    You ran such a great race!!

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