Base Building Week 1: [45 miles]

My training last week was exactly what I wanted it to be.  I ran consistently and logged higher miles without issue (like I wanted).  Today I’m heading into Philadelphia for a small, local race.  I don’t know how it will go but coming back from injury anything is better than leaving injured.

So around noon I’ll either be whining or I’ll be happy…My goal is to start and finish injury free.  If I can do that, I’ll be happy.


Monday: 5.13 miles
Tuesday: 5.13 miles (untimed…déjà vu as Monday)
Wednesday: 6.8 miles treadmill (35 degrees and rainy…not going outside)
Thursday: 12.55 midweek long run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5.18
Sunday: Schuylkill River Run Race (8.4 miles)
Total: 45 miles


I’m very pleased with this training week.  For the next few weeks my goal is to work exclusively on building a strong base.  I will add “speed” work in the form of races.  I will begin adding longer runs.  This week my long run was on Thursday (since I planned the race on Sunday).

I was able to capture moments from each run using my personal friend Mike’s app.  I’m not being payed to promote it but I think it’s awesome and it’s cool to know an app designer.

Next week:

I plan to add distance to my daily mile runs during the week with another midweek long run.  I’m doing a 5k next weekend and then I’ll plan for another long run on Sunday.  I would like to be around 50 miles but I won’t stress about it.  My training is coming along nicely that (knock on wood). I no longer consider myself injured, just rebuilding the base.  It’s the part of training that is pretty boring I guess…you are consistently running and adding mileage but not going crazy.  I’m fine with being boring though because being boring brings less injuries.

Questions for you:

How was your training this week?

Do you have a favorite route you run?

Wherever I live I normally do.  In my new location it is this 5.13 mile loop I’ve found!