Base Building Week 1: [45 miles]

My training last week was exactly what I wanted it to be.  I ran consistently and logged higher miles without issue (like I wanted).  Today I’m heading into Philadelphia for a small, local race.  I don’t know how it will go but coming back from injury anything is better than leaving injured.

So around noon I’ll either be whining or I’ll be happy…My goal is to start and finish injury free.  If I can do that, I’ll be happy.


Monday: 5.13 miles
Tuesday: 5.13 miles (untimed…déjà vu as Monday)
Wednesday: 6.8 miles treadmill (35 degrees and rainy…not going outside)
Thursday: 12.55 midweek long run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5.18
Sunday: Schuylkill River Run Race (8.4 miles)
Total: 45 miles


I’m very pleased with this training week.  For the next few weeks my goal is to work exclusively on building a strong base.  I will add “speed” work in the form of races.  I will begin adding longer runs.  This week my long run was on Thursday (since I planned the race on Sunday).

I was able to capture moments from each run using my personal friend Mike’s app.  I’m not being payed to promote it but I think it’s awesome and it’s cool to know an app designer.

Next week:

I plan to add distance to my daily mile runs during the week with another midweek long run.  I’m doing a 5k next weekend and then I’ll plan for another long run on Sunday.  I would like to be around 50 miles but I won’t stress about it.  My training is coming along nicely that (knock on wood). I no longer consider myself injured, just rebuilding the base.  It’s the part of training that is pretty boring I guess…you are consistently running and adding mileage but not going crazy.  I’m fine with being boring though because being boring brings less injuries.

Questions for you:

How was your training this week?

Do you have a favorite route you run?

Wherever I live I normally do.  In my new location it is this 5.13 mile loop I’ve found!


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  1. glad to see you’re building up a base and confidence post-injury!

    I really love where we live now because there are so many easy loops I can do, and a lot of them are trail. I can easily get anywhere from a 3 to 15 mile loop straight from my porch.

  2. ‘ I’m fine with being boring though because being boring brings less injuries-‘ I think this needs to be my resolution for 2015 😉

    Sounds like a great week for you though, and I really do hope the race goes well. It’s an odd distance…I wonder if it’s a trail race?

    I’ve had an okay week, but there’s a bit of ice around here at the moment and snow forecast tonight, so I’m glad I got in the miles this week because next week looks like it’s going to be somewhat tricky. I like to switch up the route I run every day if I can, even if it’s only a little. I don’t really have a favourite…I think I prefer to mix things up and keep it varied and interesting, but that’s only because I love using running to explore new places and I also have such a short attention span!

    1. It was actually a giant loop around a river (making the odd distance). I can relate to that too Jess, I could def not run the exact same route every day.

  3. Nice! Hope today’s race went well for you, though I agree just running without pain is an accomplishment after an injury! Glad you’re feeling well and things are going the way you want 🙂

  4. My training this week was a bummer – I’m tapering and combine that with moving stress + rain all week and I did not do much running. Subsequently it left me pretty grumpy and on edge! Your week looks solid – great job!

    1. I understand about that. My move was pretty stressful, especially when I was tapering. What race are you doing Brenda?

  5. It’s pretty awesome that you found a 5.13 mile loop. That’s the perfect length for a running route, because one time makes a great weekday run (like your Mon/Tues run), but if you want a longer one you can run it twice. My favorite route is probably the 5.5 mile tempo run that we do at speedwork because it’s downtown and has some great views of the water.

    My training this week wasn’t bad. Didn’t hit the mileage bc I subbed spin on a day when my hip was giving me probs. I talked to a run clubber whose a sports medicine doc (and state running record holder), and he showed me some stretches to help it.

    I hope your race went well! Post-injury it just feels good to get out there 🙂

  6. Hoping the race went well for you! I am so happy to see you coming back … the injuries really stink and it always saddens me seeing people have setbacks. So seeing you working your way back … great. 🙂

  7. My favorite route is out of the question for now because it’s too cold and icy to run outside. I love running on this back road surrounded by trees and fields. It then goes by a horse farm and on a bike path. In the summer it’s shaded by trees and in the fall it’s blazing orange from the leaves changing.
    My training this week was different as I am taking instruction from someone besides myself. I’m liking it so far 🙂

  8. So great to see you out there getting in all the miles! I hope the race went well. I’m guess it was art museum, out the drive and back in? Love that section and miss it!

  9. New to your blog. And that is a pretty impressive week after an injury. Good job.! And I am such a routine person that I do the same exact road all summer long. I even miss it in the winter :/

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I run a lot of similar routes myself so I understand that one!

  10. My training last week totaled at 26.5 miles. I am not really training for anything specific. Although, I should have done 8 instead of 10 on Sunday because the route we did was extremely hilly. Still feeling it today (Tuesday!) But I got out to run today anyway!

    It feels weird not training for anything specific. I do have a Holiday 5k this weekend, but no half marathons or 10ks in my near future which are my favorite. So I may just do a virtual half marathon in January just because I’m kinda bored! It’s only $15 so that helps..

    As for running routes, the routes around my house are pretty boring but I often have the opportunity to run on my lunch hour, which allows me to run in a different part of town and I just love it. The route that I love is 5 miles also!

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