Smyrna Diner

On the way back to Virginia, Tim and I found a local diner in Smyrna, Delaware.  Luckily for us it was just called the “Smyrna diner”.  To be honest I had to spell check Smyrna about ten times while completing this post.  I think by the end of writing it I mastered spelling Smyrna.

Anyways, this is the second Delaware Diner I’ve been too.  I’m not sure if my goal is to go all of the New Jersey diners or to try all of the diners in general.  Either way, half of the diners exist in New Jersey. I like to try different restaurants so when an opportunity presents itself, I’ll always try a new diner.

Atmosphere: A

The atmosphere is very different from the business of the New Jersey diners.  It’s a cute, local restaurant.  They were already decorated for Christmas. It has a small mom and pop vibe to it. I felt like I was sitting in my grandmas kitchen.  The staff was also very friendly and made you feel at home.

Coffee: A

I feel like I just said this last week at the Stratford diner but the Smyrna diner had the best whipped cream I’ve had in a very long time.  I wanted to say: instead of coffee please just bring me whipped cream.  I think I tried to get as many coffee refills as possible just because the whipped cream was so good.  That can be good or bad I guess (since we were driving another 4 hours).

Smyrna Diner Coffee

Food: B

I was pretty hungry so I ordered pea and dumpling soup.  It was good.

Smyrna Diner Soup

For me entree, I ordered the Greek Salad with chicken.  One thing that I enjoyed about this particular Greek salad was it came in a giant bowl.  I feel like I’ve had a lot of diner salads on plates (which ends up with half of it on the floor).  I liked the salad but there was nothing really unusual about it.  It was a “Greek salad” but really just had olives,lettuce, feta cheese and chicken.  I think it reminded me of a Greek Salad at Grandma’s house.

The one unique thing about it was it had an entire layer of feta cheese. It wasn’t block feta, which made me happy.  I like block feta but I find it a pain to eat on salads.  I would rather have the feta mixed in.  I think this salad was 1 part salad, 10 parts cheese.  Looking back it was exactly the type of salad you would expect at Grandma’s house.

Smyrna Diner Salad

Dessert: A

Tim and I decided to order the coconut cake on a whim and I’m so glad we did.  It was the best coconut cake I’ve had.  I’m normally a frosting person but I found myself enjoying the actual cake just as much.  The cake was very light and fluffy and the frosting was extremely rich.  This dessert was amazing and if anything I recommend it.

Smyrna Diner Coconut Cake

Smyrna Diner Coconut Cake (2)

Price: $

For two drinks, two meals and the coconut cake we payed 23 dollars.  I think that is a new record in cheapness for us (Clearly not a NJ diner, I’ve spent 23 dollars for a single meal…multiple times).

Overall Atmosphere:  A

Would I come back?

I think I would come back.  I really liked how low key and local it seemed.  While it is right off the highway, it really gives the “mom and pop” type of atmosphere.  I would come back just to have more coconut cake honestly.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to a mom and pop type of place?

Have you had coconut cake before?


5 responses

  1. This seems like a really awesome diner! I would totally order your meal too because I love Greek salads and also coconut cake (but I’m biased and think my mom makes the best… we have a restaurant here that is known for it tho). Plus that’s a super cheap price… $23 for both people to eat… wow. You can’t eat cheap like that in Charleston, unfortunately :(.

    They did a really great job of putting the whipped cream on your coffee. Looks too fun to drink.

  2. I love mom and pop diners so much! They just make me happy. I used to go to this one in Upstate NY with my great grandpa, and I think it was in a trailer?! I’ll have to ask my mom the name of it. Maybe the Edinberg Diner? Anyways, I always got breakfast there and it was soo good. Happy memories.

    I love when diners (or restaurants in general) aren’t stingy with their portions! And you can’t beat $23 for a meal for two plus dessert!

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