Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving), we went down to VA to get some wedding planning done.  I feel like in 36 hours Tim and I accomplished a lot.  Not only accomplished but we had a great time.

Before we talk about my wedding can we please talk about Snooki’s wedding:

“She confirmed the news over Twitter, demonstrating excellent emoji use and sharing a photo”

snooki wedding




I didn’t realize Snooki and I had so much in common but announcing she was “officially” married on twitter with emojis seems like my type of thing.


Anyways back to my adventures…We arrived back to VA around 11pm.  If you know me then you know I haven’t been up that late in a while.

On Saturday morning we met with our cake decorator at Starbucks.  She brought us a sample and it was delicious.  I knew within one bite she was exactly who I wanted to do our cake.  It was perfect.  I won’t spoil the cake but if you know me, you know I have a huge sweet tooth.  Cake is ranked in my top 5 most important aspects of my cake.

After a whirlwind morning, we went to lunch at my favorite local restaurant JoJacks.  I have mentioned it on the blog before (and if you have visited me in VA then you have probably gone).

In the afternoon, Tim and I headed to downtown Norfolk to pick up my race packet.  We ended up walking around Norfolk for a while and just enjoying the sights.

A photo of me in Norfolk
A photo of me in Norfolk

Then we were able to hang out with one of my best friends Theresa.  We ended up going to No Frill Bar and Grille in Norfolk.  If you are ever visiting down there, it’s certainly one of the hidden gems of the area.  It was nice to just catch up since we hadn’t seen each other since August.

Here we are post dinner
Here we are post dinner

After that we met with our florist another Starbucks.  I don’t know if this is normal but all of my wedding vendors have wanted to meet at local Starbucks.  I went to him and said “I have absolutely no idea what kind of flowers I want or need”.  Luckily after about an hour of chatting we were able to figure something out.  I was a little bit worried it would be more stressful to pick out flowers.  Something that I have enjoyed about wedding planning in general is that everyone is so friendly.  They don’t make me think I’m a total idiot.  (Thank you people in the wedding business). 

flowers meme

On Sunday I ran the half marathon and just relaxed and hung out with my parents before heading back to New Jersey.  I feel like I got more accomplished this weekend then the last month of wedding planning. I feel more confident with our wedding (it’s pretty obvious I’m way out of my element).  Soon I’ll post about my bridal party.

The next step in December is to get wedding invites picked out and to find someone to actually marry us (who knew that would be the hardest part)?  It seems silly (to me) to pay thousands for wedding invites that will only end up in the trash..but what do I know.

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Questions for you:

Where did you get your wedding invites? 

If you have gotten married, what kind of flowers did you have?


  1. I can’t even remember where we got our invitations (am I that old?) but I remember ordering them online and being petrified I had written in the wrong date/time/etc. This is after I had spent hours at invitational stores. Too many choices!!

    I had a hot pink rose bouquet and as obnoxious as that sounds I loved it and still do. So all our centerpieces had hot pink roses with other filler flowers but in very tall thin vases so as not to block views.

    1. That’s my problem…there are just too many choices. I wanted tall simple flowers but apparently you can’t talk much with those LOL

  2. I don’t remember where my wedding invites came from either and I only got married 4 years ago. The whole planning process kinda blurs together now. I’m thinking we ordered online but I’m not sure where. It sounds like you had a really productive weekend of planning though.

    As far as people to do the marrying, hopefully that be TOO hard. Any Notary Public can marry you (of course I say this but I work at a company that has like 4-5 pastors on staff and a Notary Public on staff but it’s a church software company so we have a lot of ministry peeps around). We just used Clay’s cousin because she didn’t mind and obviously would be there anyway. I’ve had friends who’ve used pastors like their former youth/college minister or someone like that. We’re not super religious though so we didn’t do this, and I’ve heard of some requiring you to meet with them multiple times to be sure you’re ready before they marry you, etc (we weren’t doing all that…)

  3. My parents grew all of the flowers for my wedding and have had a whole section of their garden with an orange, white and yellow theme for all of this year. I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you all of the different types though. My Mum clearly has the green fingers for all of our family!
    I got some inspiration from Pinterest about the flowers before my wedding (well, not just the flowers…everything!) but I found some great Pins that laid out which flowers were in season at different months of the year and built up my bouquets from that.

  4. I’m getting my invites from Wedding Paper Divas. I used them for my Save the Dates and they were great!

    I was really close with my grandmother who passed away last October, and her favorite flowers were hydrangeas. To honor her memory, I’m using them in my wedding 🙂

  5. Our wedding is next month so I have to reply because I’m right there in the thick of it!
    we got our wedding invites online, at Michaels, and they shipped/mailed them to me very fast and free:
    i can’t even begin to tell you how friggin amazing and easy and inexpensive this was!!! i have already sent them out but seriously – awesome.

  6. Even the idea of planning a wedding seems ridiculously overwhelming for me, so I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when I actually get around to doing it. I do know that I’m going to try to avoid spending time on Pinterest, though — WAY too many ideas and, knowing me, I’ll want to do them ALL.

  7. ha ha. Cake is so important to you, it’s all you can think of!: “Cake is ranked in my top 5 most important aspects of my cake.”
    I think you meant to write “of my wedding.” But no harm, I think you made your point well!

  8. I love that you’re getting all these official meetings done at Starbucks haha. I can’t wait to taste cake! I don’t have a groom but I definitely have a cake preference 😉 hahaha. Also I have to second wanderwolf’s comment about “Cake is ranked in my top 5 most important aspects of my cake.” You MUST have a sweet tooth with that much cake on the brain 🙂

  9. So exciting!!! Norfolk looks so beautiful and so very warm! I don’t remember what kind of flowers I had at my wedding but, since we were married on a beach in Key West, no one was really looking at the flowers 🙂

  10. I love the photo of you in Norfolk! Thousands on invites?! Ah! Jon designed ours on the computer and they were great! He put one of our engagement photos in black and white, typed out the words, and then went and had them printed on really nice card stock. I want to say they were like, $1 each at some office supply store? And we had SO MANY people who told us that they were their favorite invitations they’ve ever gotten! I told him I was NOT doing invites! Haha. And then we just put our online wedding website as the RSVP location, and that was where Jon wrote our whole story and where our “registry” showed that we basically wanted honeymoon funds. It worked out well for us! I can’t WAIT to see yours and Tim’s wedding! I love reading about the planning! I said I’d go back and do a post on what our wedding actually cost, but I never ended up doing it! I wish I had to look back at it, especially cause our photographer got photos of a lot of our decorations! Maybe I’ll try to do it when I get home!

  11. I used Wedding Paper Divas for my save-the-dates and Paper Source for my invites. I really wanted letterpress invites and Paper Source had the most affordable ones we found at the time (2008). But also, I too cared about cake way more than invites!

  12. I actually made all my own wedding invites and printed them through a site like vista print, but I know the one I used was cheaper. I don’t remember which one. And I also made all my own flowers out of origami paper and old assignments. Wedding planning is fun but stressful. There are so many things you don’t think to think about.

  13. YES. one of my most anticipated things about getting married is cake tasting. Cake is important to me and I LOVE wedding cake. I’m always a two slice kinda gal unless it’s not that good. Congrats on getting more planning done!

  14. I found my wedding invitations at a place in NC that’s known for having really inexpensive engraved invitations. At the time, it was very important to me to have engraved (as opposed to embossed) invitations. Ha! The things I used to care about… I was such a snob. 🙂

    My flowers were roses and orchids. Kinda boring.

  15. I absolutely agree that cake is ridiculously important, second only to perhaps the rings 😉
    Ridiculously dense chocolate cake with crazy rich chocolate icing is my jam (no jam on the cake though please and thank you.)

    Thank you for sharing about your planning. As someone WAY far from getting married who has no idea what they want its refreshing to see someone planning a wedding who ISNT crazy frazzled and over the top like the movies and tv.

  16. Yay for getting wedding stuff done! That always feels so good. I bet it was nice to spend time in Norfolk, too. It’s so nice there! I was clueless as to my flowers, too! I was like.. I think I want daisies? And my florist was like “No. Just no.” haha. She pretty much decided all the big things for me and I was like “Yeah, I trust you more than I trust myself because you do this every day! Do what you want and I’ll be happy!” haha.

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