Training Log: Whoop There It Is

This week it finally happened.

I had the run that made me realize I am getting over my injury.  I am nearly injury free.  On Friday I was running and I realized…I’m having no aches, no pains and no notice of my point of fracture.  I am just running and enjoying the sights.

I posted a more “in depth” Q&A to a bit more of my training.

Monday: 4.3 miles and Deep Tissue Massage
Tuesday: 5 miles with Tim
Wednesday: Mid week long run 7.13
Thursday: Off
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: To do: 85 minutes long run


My deep tissue massage on Monday was much needed.  I feel like she loosened up my muscles from the last few weeks of running.  I knew when scheduling my appointment, that it would be more painful than usual.  After my massage Monday, I went home and layed on the couch.  It was glorious.

The rest of the week were my usual easier runs.  My schedule has started to become easy shorter runs with a midweek long run and a Sunday longest run. It seems to be working out well.

As I was saying, the best run for me came on Friday.  It was the first run that I felt completely injury free.  The run that made me forget that I was battling any injuries.  The run that makes me confident to pick out a Spring goal race.  After this run I can truly say I’m just running…not getting over an injury.

In every injury I have had, I have a run (like Friday) that makes me forget I was ever injured.  It’s a nice reminder that I waited the appropriate amount of time to heal and now I’m being rewarded.  It isn’t as if I’m going to suddenly run a 70 mile week next week but it gives me a lot more confidence.

Like I said last week, I have been wanting to continue cross training.  Friday seemed to work the best since I had the day off.  I headed to the gym and did 45 minutes of AMT.   I’m still trying to figure out how I want to integrate cross training into my weekly routine without going overboard and with still continuing to up my miles.  If I can only choose up my miles (smartly) or cross training one week…then that choice will be made.

Next Week:

I’m actually headed down to VA next weekend for some wedding related things. (finally, right?)  I am hoping to run around 40 miles with a cross training day.  I will be keeping to a pretty similar plan (since my goal is consistency).  Obviously if there is a hiccup, I’m not going to be concerned about it. As I said, my goal is to keep it consistent.

On another note, since I’m beginning a new chapter in my running book…I decided to update my running story.  I hadn’t since before my marathon (over a year ago).

Questions for you:

What was your best workout?

Which day of the week do you run the longest?

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  1. Awesome week, and oh how I would love/could use a deep tissue massage. There really is a difference between recovering and feeling fully recovered from injury. It can feel like you’ll never get to that point but when it happens, it’s a big confidence boost.

  2. I love that: “After this run I can truly say I’m just running…not getting over an injury.” There’s so much meaning in that one sentence, it’s crazy.:)

    Best workout so far may have been my first time back at weight training — a BodyWorks class.

    I usually do my long runs on Saturday, but “long” has been “few” since the marathon a month ago. I’m trying to ease back into longer runs.

  3. I’m so glad you’re back on track and running without being aware of your foot again. I can’t wait to see which spring races you take on (and rock).

    I switch up the day I do my longest run depending on the weather (preferably cool, dry and not windy). It seems to end up being Wednesdays for the most part though, because that fits in the best with the various gym classes I do.

    My best workouts always come out of nowhere. When my leg has been working recently I’m hitting paces I haven’t in…forever. Sadly there’s no rhyme nor reason to when my leg is going to work, so I could turn up to races feeling great and suddenly be back to hobbling again. It’s ridiculously frustrating!

  4. As much as getting injured sucked, it really makes you appreciate running. Those runs where it all just goes well! Glad to hear you’re out of the woods 🙂 you really deserve it considering how sensible you’ve been coming back.
    I do my long runs on a Sunday as I love being lazy for the rest of the day feeling fully justified to do so!

  5. My best workout this week was my long run, preferably done on Saturday mornings. 13 miles. and it was pretty solid.

    Glad to hear you are almost 100%!

  6. We do long runs on Sundays, I run with a group in Charleston called OnShore Racing and we do a minimum of 8 miles. Some of us arrive early or stay late to run extra. Today I got 13 in, but next week I am adding a mid-week long run to get ready for half marathon (didn’t want to this week because I ran a race on Saturday).

    I’m so glad you had an amazing run and are feeling injury free! I do agree that cross training is important. There are as many ways to train as there are people and the best way to train is the one that lets you stay injury free and make it to the start- so if that includes cross training, that’s the way to go :).

  7. Woohoo for massages! I’m getting one Thursday–and then seeing Catching Fire. Very solid line-up. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been doing my long runs on Thursday … track work Tuesday (sounds more catchy than speedwork Tuesday).

  8. Today was actually my longest and best workout. It was a slow 12 miles alone. It wasn’t a crushing interval workout, but I could see what doing this type of running will do for my mind and lungs. Afterward I made some killer pancakes to congratulate my success 🙂

  9. That is fantastic news! Is there no better feeling, after an injury, then going on that first pain-free run? Now just keep it that way!! As for me, I’m off to PT this week to finally heal an upset hammy.

  10. My longest runs are almost always on Saturday. Doesn’t it feel great to finally feel like you’re no longer “recovering”!!! Loved reading PAIN FREE!

  11. Yay, Hollie! I’m so glad it is all headed in the right direction. And that your mental side is coming along for the ride, too. That is key!

    My workouts pretty much sucked this week b/c they didn’t involve any real runs–I know you can commiserate.

  12. Holla! That is so friggin awesome that you feel like you’re a runner, not an injured runner again! I hope that continues.
    Have fun in va with your fam!

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