Penn Queen Diner

I had heard from someone that the Penn Queen Diner (in Pennsauken, NJ) was good.  I asked Christine if she wanted to meet at the Penn Queen Diner while she was visiting downstate.  The diner is relatively easy to get too so it seemed like a good choice.  After traffic played a hiccup in our plans we both made it to Pennsauken.  Oddly enough Pennsauken is one of the few towns within a 10 mile radius that I had not been too.  It was a nice change of scenery.

Atmosphere: A
The restaurant itself is very cute.  It’s a big square building with coblestone walls and tinted windows.  It’s not that festive but it’s cute.  I have no complaints as it was cute and clean.  When entering the restaurant you walk right past a bakery (which is always a way into my heart).  The outside is very well kept and when driving by, you think it has to be good!

Coffee: B
The coffee mugs were tiny but the whipped cream was good.  I think I could have used more coffee honestly but I have no complaints.

Penn Queen Coffee

Food: C
The menu was large but nothing really stood out to me.  I ordered my typical large Greek salad (with chicken).  After receiving the salad, I promptly spilled the entire dressing container on the table. I was having a clumsy day and it seemed as if everything I could spill…I did! Luckily our waitress was really kind and helped me clean it up.  She was one of the best and kindest waitresses.

Actually Christine ordered the small Greek salad and when both our meals came out they looked the same size.  It wasn’t as if it really mattered but being a large Greek salad,it wasn’t very large at all.  After I left I was still pretty hungry.  The salad itself was okay, it wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t great.  It was average.  Christine and I were a bit disappointed that the diner didn’t have pita bread!

Penn Queen Salad

For my large salad and coffee it was 16 dollars.  The meal was lackluster and small so I couldn’t justify the price.  To me the price was expensive because the food wasn’t great and the portion was small.  If the food had been good I would have easily been able to justify the price.

Overall thoughts: C
Would I come back?
There are many closer and better diners to me.  If someone desperately wanted to go to Penn Queen diner I would but I probably won’t be back.  That being said, Christine is fabulous and her company was great.  I had a great time just chatting with her (We will have to take a photo next time…which is on Tuesday).

Questions for you:
What’s the last restaurant that “let you down”?

6 responses

    • In Jersey that’s a pretty common price sadly (if you want chicken or some sort of protein). For me not getting protein means I’ll be hungry. That being said,this salad should have been something like 10 dollars at most LOL

  1. The last restaurant that let me down was a new burrito place my friend and I went to. We wanted to go outside of the one we frequent [and is amazing as well]. It was a pretty big let down. Not enough guac and $2 for a 2oz portion. My friend and I agreed that out of 6 we would give it a 3. We also acknowledged that we are spoiled by the one we usually go to because it’s SO GOOD. I think if we weren’t used to such great Mexican food, we would have thought the new place was better.

  2. We went to this little restaurant in Seattle a couple years back that took an hour to bring us our nachos and they were terrible. It shut down less than a year later.

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