Daytripping to Phildelphia

My normal weekends just include working. Due to my injury I’m not racing on the weekends either.  Working and not racing generally means my weekends are boring and nothing to write home (or a blog post) about.   Last weekend my brother stopped by on his way back to college.  Matt and I are extremely close so it is always great to see him.  Due to the nature of his schooling, he has been out at sea for the last 8 months so it was great to finally hang out again.  Matt and one of his classmates stopped by for a few days and we all just hung out.

We even got a run together
We even got a run together

We decided to explore downtown Philadelphia.  I’m not an expert in Philadelphia (by any means) but we had a great time just walking around the city and see the sights.

I’m lucky enough to live within a mile of a train station that will take me right into downtown Philadelphia so I never have to drive there again.  Philadelphia is notorious for giving out parking tickets.  You can guarantee if you are 5 minutes over your allotted time, you will get fined. I once drove around Philly for 90 minutes looking for parking.

The train is new favorite thing to do and I don’t think I will ever drive into Philly again.

Nope, never.  My brother is incredible savvy with trains so he led us in.  None of us had been to Philadelphia so it was a good experience for all of us.

First, we checked out the Liberty Bell.  Honestly I had never been before and didn’t know what to expect.  We stood in line and went through security.  There was lots of information and then finally the Bell.

Philadelphia Liberty Bell


Matt and I somehow got this photo with no one else around (that isn’t the reality).  I guess the other tourists knew I had a blog photo to take and needed a nice photo to send mom.

Matt and I Liberty Bell


Then we went to Pat’s Philly Cheese Steak’s in Downtown Philadelphia.  To be honest, I’m not a big Philly Cheesesteak person but when in Rome…I  tried it anyways.  It’s like going to Italy and saying you don’t like Pasta.  I could recognize it was still ten times better than a “normal” Philly Cheese steak and something you need to do when in the city.

We also visited Reading Terminal Market.  I love the Amish donuts as well as the fresh seafood.  It’s a fun and unique little place to visit.After that we just walked around the city.

Via instagram: Eating a giant cookie on roids. I call it my Jeptoo Cookie.
Via instagram: Eating a giant cookie on roids. I call it my Jeptoo Cookie. (Ignore i had already taken a bite out of it before deciding I wanted a photo…fail)


We went up to art museum and river and walked back to the train station.

Fall Foliage

After walking around the city for 5 hours, we were exhausted.  I’m embarrassed to say I’m pretty sore two days later!

Philadelphia is such a fun little city that I’m happy it’s in my backyard.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to Philadelphia?

What are fun touristy things to do in your backyard?