Wedding Registry Fun

Sears gave me a great opportunity to work with them through some sponsored posts for the Holidays.  Sears has been one of my favorite department stores since as long as I needed clothing.  I don’t often post about clothing, shopping, life or anything like that.  I find myself boring in that aspect.  So when I was contacted to be a part of a Sears campaign, I was more than thrilled.  It gives me a way to switch up my posts a bit more and show another aspect of my life…It’s also humorous because Tim buys all his tools (for fixing cars, the things I break, etc.) at Sears so he was more than thrilled too.  It’s the only department store he will go too (mostly because I say go get a new shirt…and he spends 5 minutes in the shirt section and 55 in the tools section).

So long story short, I think Sears are a great company and I enjoy what they stand behind.  It’s a big reason I jumped on board with this campaign.  Between now and January, I will be doing a few sponsored posts with Sears.  Sears gave me a lot of different options and methods to help promote them but I chose topics that related to me.  One aspect that is important to me is to stay relevant to my life.  If I wouldn’t or have never used a product, I’m not going to post about it.  It doesn’t make sense.

Sears Brings More To You

While looking through the videos they sent me, this video inspired me (inspired and motivated me to get going on more wedding things).

It’s not a secret that Tim and I are getting married next Spring.  I’ve done a few updates on the wedding but I do owe another one soon.

One thing we have been working on is creating a wedding registry.  We had various ideas of where we wanted to create a wedding registry and one of these places was already Sears.  Tim purchases a lot of tools from Sears to work on his car.  We joke but his “man cave” is the garage.  We have a two car garage…but neither are for my car.

I purchase a lot from Sears for our house as well as clothing in general.  It seemed like a no brainer to go to Sears and actually set up a wedding registry.  Since we have lived together for over a year now, we do have a lot of things for our house.  It’s a lot harder to figure out things we want and need.

My research beforehand was “how to create a wedding registry”.  In about five minutes I figured out what I needed to and we left.  It’s supposed to be fun right?

Me: Yes, it's supposed to be fun.   T: Why must we take all these photos
Me: Yes, it’s supposed to be fun.
T: Why must we take all these photos

Anyways we headed to the Sears down the road to create our registry.  One thing I like about Sears is there are a lot and they are easily accessible.  Pretty much anyone from around the country can go look at our wedding registry.  It’s so easy for everyone involved.

The employees at Sears were very friendly and helpful.  They basically walked us through the entire process so that we “couldn’t” mess up.

After they set us loose we walked around Sears for about an hour looking at things we liked.

Walking around scanning things...
Walking around scanning things…

Including this hot kiss pillow…well maybe just me.

Yes I love this hot kiss pillow (and blogging)
Yes I love this hot kiss pillow (and blogging)
OMG I love this hot kiss pillow and blogging
OMG I love this hot kiss pillow and blogging

So another aspect of our wedding is done (probably not the most important) but one of the most fun.  Who doesn’t like shopping?  Sears has such a great variety of things from appliances, to coffee mugs, tables and furniture to tools.

We chose to make a wedding registry at Sears and Sears compensated me for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are LOLZ.

Questions for you:

Which Stores did you do a Wedding Registry at?  What products did you add?

What is one of your favorite products at Sears?