Legacy Diner (Audubon)

On Sunday, I met Liz at the Legacy Diner (Audubon) I had driven by the Legacy Diner a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked nice.  As with most diners, I judge them by the outside.  The first time I drove by the Legacy Diner, I knew I would be back soon.

Legacy Diner Atmosphere: A
The exterior of the Legacy Diner is adorable.  It’s spotless and fresh.  It’s the reason I spotted and added it to my to-do list, to begin with.

The inside of the Legacy Diner was clean.  It was divided into two sections.  It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it was cute.  It’s in the medium-sized diners I have been too.

Legacy Diner Coffee: A
I have to give the waitress extreme credit on this one.  She filled my cup 4 times during the two hours we were there.  She also added whipped cream each time.  Honestly, it was the best diner coffee I have had.  I have said that a few times, but looking at this picture alone, you can tell how delicious it was.

Legacy Diner Coffee

Legacy Diner Food: A
After staring at the menu of the Legacy Diner for a solid 10 minutes, we both decided to go with their special house Peach salad.  I almost went with the Greek salad like I do most of the time, but the house peach was their specialty, so I went with it.  It contained chicken, spinach, cranberries, walnuts, peaches, and goat cheese.  The amount of goat cheese was overwhelming, but goat cheese is my favorite, so I have no complaints.

Legacy Diner Salad (2)


Legacy Diner Salad (3)
Work it salad
Legacy Diner Salad
Strike a salad pose

Long story short, this was one of my favorite diner salads.  I have no complaints since I decided to have a photoshoot with a salad.

Cost: $
The salad and coffee cost 14 dollars.

Would I come back/overall impression of Legacy Diner (Audubon):
Honestly, I have no complaints or problems with the Legacy Diner in Audubon.  I will be back several times, and I wish I had discovered this hidden NJ sooner.

ETA: I’ve been to the Legacy Diner in Audubon a few times since and the service has not been as good. 

Questions for you:

Do you judge a restaurant by the outside?

Do you like to try “restaurant specialties”? 


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  1. We have a diner here called Early Bird Diner, and when they have a special that sounds good, I always try it because with specials, you never know when they will be back. Of course, I have my go-to items for when I don’t like the specials, too. I haven’t thought of peaches on a salad but I bet that would be really good… and goat cheese is my favorite too!

  2. Wow, that is a great report card. I love that you do this, it’s so interesting and great for the diner.

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