Recovery Training

This week for recovery seemed to go extremely well.  I feel like my foot has been making really good improvements since we talked last Wednesday.  I had been over thinking my running, my ability and just everything about running.  I was throwing a pity party for one and I think my blog post reflected that.  It seems like every time I post something on my blog, the opposite happens so maybe I should just never post anything again. My last indicated my foot was hopeless and showed no signs of recovery. Since I posted it has been doing a lot better, I feel like a bad version of Katy Perry’s hot and cold song.

All kidding aside, my foot has been feeling a lot better than Wednesday.  Realistically I think the doctor made a mistake and my bone was a lot more damaged then he thought 6 weeks ago. It’s hard to diagnosis anything from an x-ray that shows minimal things on your foot. This seems to be a much more serious injury then previously anticipated. I don’t have anything to race my recovery for, so I would rather spend a few more weeks nursing my foot.

Today is the day of the marathon I was training for, the Wineglass Full.  Am I upset to be missing it?  Of course, but there are more marathons to do. Hopefully I’ll make it to the starting line to one of them soon.  I’m trying not to think about it too much.  I know after my first issue with the arch of my foot, I mentally checked out of the race. On that note, good luck to my good friend Kevin and everyone else running the full marathon.  I would love to see some support for him!

Monday: 1 hour elliptical

Tuesday: 30 minutes AMT/30 minutes strength training

Wednesday: 1 hour AMT

Thursday: Off

Friday: 1 hour elliptical

Saturday: 1 hour AMY.  I wasn’t going to go to the gym on Saturday because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but I’m glad I ended up going later in the day.

Sunday: 30 minutes AMT/30 minutes strength training

As with all of my weeks during recovery (this is week 6), I have no rhyme or reason for when I go to the gym.  I just go when I feel like it.  I feel no pressure to work out and if happens great, if it doesn’t happen then it means I’m resting.

My plans for next week(workout wise) are to possibly get a short (less than 10  minutes run) on the alter G treadmill. I’m going to ask my doctor more about it but in the research I’ve done, it should be fine. I don’t feel any pain (or anything really) when I walk. I can hop on one foot pretty normally. I feel small twinges but other that am fine. This is similar to how I felt two weeks ago before I went for a full weighted one miler.

I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so I’m going to see how I’m recovering.  I’m also going to try and schedule a second opinion and new set of eyes.

During week five, I felt like I took three steps backwards.  Week six I feel like I’m making progress in the right direction again.  I’m also planning to get a second opinion on my foot.  I don’t think my doctor was aggressive enough in the beginning.  That being said, I’m a much more cautious runner than a lot of people.  For some people, they might “feel” completely healed.  I can walk normally, jump relatively normally and I only feel small twinges occasionally. I do not feel completely healed. I do believe I will be running by the end of the month though.  Some injuries take longer to heal than others.  It’s important for me to take a step back and realize that I am recovering well. Typing this out I feel like I’m walking myself through that process. I feel like I’m reflecting on my foot and how I’m recovering. I am making progress, it’s just slower then I would have liked. I started my blog to be able to think out loud with life events and I feel like this post allowed me to do just that.

Questions for you:

Are you a cautious athlete? Do you have a pain tolerance?