Park Nine Diner

This week the owner of the website, NJ isn’t boring and I went to try a new diner. A quick introduction but I found the website after someone mentioned a website that has a complete list of diners in NJ! While I utilize website the most for diners, it’s really opened my eyes to how much we have going on in the state of New Jersey. Our state isn’t just home to 90 in the right lane drivers and people down to GTL. If you live in New Jersey or want to see what’s going on in our state I highly recommend checking her website out.

We decided to meet up at the Park Nine diner in Freehold, NJ. The diner is located in the heart of an intersection that made it complicated to get too. Prime location to see!

Atmosphere: A
The outside atmosphere was cute. It is an irregular shaped building with plenty of room to park. The inside has been redone rather recently. I’m not exactly sure when but it’s modern. It was cute, clean and I have no complaints. There were plenty of booths and tables. It actually wasn’t crowded at all.

Coffee: B
I ordered coffee with whipped cream. It came in a small mug. I never have an issue if it comes in a small mug but a small mug that I can’t get refills with, I do. The coffee was good (nothing to write home about but not bad). I would have given it an A if I had been able to get more. The Park Nine diner had fairly good coffee and my only complaint is that I would have liked more.


Food: C
The menu wasn’t as big as most diners actually. (I don’t know if I have actually written that about a diner?) It wasn’t a small menu by any means but it didn’t have the biggest selection. It had a few seafood options, a couple of salads, a few (not many) breakfast options and a few other random things.

I ordered the Greek salad with salmon. This wasn’t my favorite Greek salad. It almost felt like they took some greens, added some feta and a few olives and onions and called it a day. The Salmon was good though, I felt like I could have prepared a salad like this in my own house though.


Price: $$
My salad and coffee was 18. While I felt satisfied, I didn’t feel as if it merited being an 18 dollar meal.

Would I come back? Overall thoughts:
It’s not too far from my house and it’s not bad. I wouldn’t seek it out but it was pretty good and the price wasn’t terrible. It’s a good central Jersey diner.

Questions for you:
Have you ever been to New Jersey?
What is something cool to do in your state?


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  1. My mom is from New Jersey, but I’ve never really done anything there except drive through it. Oh wait I did go to a track meet once there in college. So I guess that counts haha.

    Colorado = Rocky Mountains. Done.

    • LOL, yeah I guess you do only see get to see the restaurants I order a salmon salad at. I should blog about my other restaurant excursions in NJ sometime…

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