1 Mile Recap

I ran my first mile post stress fracture yesterday. 

On Sunday night I prepared appropriately.

I layed out my appropriate gear.

I carb and sugar loaded (I went to the Pop Shop in Collingswood…)

I charged my garmin, obsessively checked the weather and didn’t sleep a wink the night beforehand.

After jumping out of bed I was ready to run (but not too much jumping, I had to save my energy…This mile does not run itself).

After not doing any of those things except going to the Pop Shop, I went for my run.

I ran.  Insert ten minutes of running here…the boring part…

In summary I looked awkward, I felt awkward but I felt okay.

Then afterwords I cried.  I hugged everyone nearby (which was no one).  I cried some more but not before taking a selfie to document the proof.

that time i ran

I used map my run to compare with my garmin.  I meant to take a photo of my garmin but then I realized…it didn’t matter because my garmin has been dead for 2 months and have yet to use it.  One day I’ll charge it and use it for a run but not for another month. Then I documented on all my social media.  No platform left behind!  Instagram, facebook, twitter, everything!  I would link to them but I’m too lazy…I trust you to google.

Where does this take me next? 

I might run two more times (probably one more mile again) this week (granted I don’t wake up in an immense amount of pain tomorrow).  I will take tomorrow off from running, possibly run on Wednesday and then maybe another mile this weekend.  Only time will tell.