1 Mile Recap

I ran my first mile post stress fracture yesterday. 

On Sunday night I prepared appropriately.

I layed out my appropriate gear.

I carb and sugar loaded (I went to the Pop Shop in Collingswood…)

I charged my garmin, obsessively checked the weather and didn’t sleep a wink the night beforehand.

After jumping out of bed I was ready to run (but not too much jumping, I had to save my energy…This mile does not run itself).

After not doing any of those things except going to the Pop Shop, I went for my run.

I ran.  Insert ten minutes of running here…the boring part…

In summary I looked awkward, I felt awkward but I felt okay.

Then afterwords I cried.  I hugged everyone nearby (which was no one).  I cried some more but not before taking a selfie to document the proof.

that time i ran

I used map my run to compare with my garmin.  I meant to take a photo of my garmin but then I realized…it didn’t matter because my garmin has been dead for 2 months and have yet to use it.  One day I’ll charge it and use it for a run but not for another month. Then I documented on all my social media.  No platform left behind!  Instagram, facebook, twitter, everything!  I would link to them but I’m too lazy…I trust you to google.

Where does this take me next? 

I might run two more times (probably one more mile again) this week (granted I don’t wake up in an immense amount of pain tomorrow).  I will take tomorrow off from running, possibly run on Wednesday and then maybe another mile this weekend.  Only time will tell.

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  1. That first mile after coming back from injury is truly special. It’s slow and it’s awkward but it really stokes that passion for running better than any runner’s high ever can.

  2. As long as you made sure you ran 1 mile and not .99 on your Garmin or Map My Run. Has to be exact ;). Hehe. Glad you were able to run and hopefully you can build back some mileage soon, I’m excited to see how it goes :).

  3. Since I have no sense of humour/trouble understand the concept of humour sometimes, I’m still genuinely unsure which parts are serious and which are not, but either way I’m happy that your 1 mile went well! 😀

  4. Woo hoo!!!! love this post. great news and happy it went well!

  5. Woohoo!!!! Great news Hollie and cheers and hugs from Florida 🙂 The awkwardness will soon disappear and your old form will return.

  6. I love your personality so much and love reading your blogs! Always making me laugh..guess that’s why you’re the Lolz Queen 🙂 Im happy for you!

  7. The beginning of this post made me laugh. You’re so witty and funny. Glad to see you’re on the mend and running again 🙂

  8. Yay! So happy it went well for you. You’ll be back before you know it 🙂

  9. Love it! Just the giggles I needed today. Love the awkwardness that is the first run when coming back from an injury.

  10. All that matters here is that you followed proper running blogger protocol. ; )

    But seriously, yes!

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