Injury Recovery: I Actually got to the Gym

This week I kept to my promise (to myself) to begin cross training to build some aerobic fitness back before I run.  With work being so crazy the last few weeks (I haven’t minded because it’s kept me busy), I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping versus going to the gym.  I’ve needed the extra sleep honestly.  I didn’t feel pressured to cross train before work but it felt good to get some cardio workouts in again.  Nothing was stressful or strenuous…just easy workouts to build up some base fitness.

Monday: 1 hour easy elliptical

Tuesday: 1 hour cross training AMT easy

Wednesday:  30 minutes elliptical and core

Thursday: off

Friday: 1 hour elliptical

Saturday: off

Sunday: 1 hour AMT and core

As you can see, my working out was kind of all over the place.  There was no rhyme or reason of why I chose to workout when I did.  I just did.  I didn’t set my alarm and if I woke up with extra time then I went to the gym. If I didn’t wake up earlier enough, I accepted it and moved on with my day. My goal this week was to actually get to the gym a few times and I did that.

I was talking to a coworker (who is trying to qualify for the trials).  She is also injured and we were just chatting about our injuries and our response to them.  We both chatted for a while about how this stinks but both of us have mentally let the injury go. We have both let the pressure of recovering quickly go. 

We both have no pressure to hurry back into fitness and let our lives revolve around running.  It was a really great chat. With every other injury I’ve had, I’ve felt pressure to get back into shape quickly.  I’ve come to realize that running is life long if you care for yourself.  It’s really awesome to hear the insight of such a high caliber athlete feeling the same way as I do. This general topic is something I’ve really been thinking a lot about lately and will post about soon.

This meme seemed appropriate for fall training.

let it go meme

That being said, tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for my foot. If everything goes as well as it has been, I will get to run one mile tomorrow. One easy mile and if it doesn’t hurt my goal is to run 10 miles on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, get my long run on Sunday and taper for Wineglass full marathon on October 4th (kidding). 

If my one mile doesn’t hurt I might run another mile on Wednesday.  (Edit to add: My foot doesn’t hurt at all right now when I walk or stand on it).  When I do get back into running it will be on the conservative side.  If all I run next week is one mile then that’s one mile more then this week. I want to set myself up for a good spring season and getting back slowly is the key to that.

I don’t foresee myself running high mileage until December at the very earliest.  That being said, I could ramble about this and my doctor could tell me tomorrow I need to wait a few more weeks before running.  I’m not confident that will happen but I’m not a doctor.

Questions for you:

 Did you race this weekend, how did it go? 

If you’ve been injured with a stress fracture how did you get back into working out?