Somerset Diner

I should have posted this last Thursday for a #throwbackthursday post…but I didn’t. This was the first diner review I ever typed up but I never posted it.  I was still playing around with the idea if I wanted to create a bucket list to “visit all of the NJ diners” so it sat in my draft graveyard (as did several more).

Anyways the Somerset diner was the first northern NJ diner I went too.  It was also the first date (besides running a race) that Danielle, Amelia and I went on.

Myself, Danielle and Amelia at another restaurant.  I guess "photo' for the blog" aren't a first date thing...

Myself, Danielle and Amelia at another restaurant. I guess “photo’ for the blog” aren’t a first date thing…

Atmosphere: A
The diner itself is pretty cute.  There are a bunch of lights and the diner overlooks a river.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the view was the best view of any diner I have been too.  Instead of looking out a window at traffic, you look out of a window at a river.

Coffee: A
This was actually (shockingly) a time before I got coffee and whipped cream at diners.   That being said the coffee was good and the waiter provided plenty of recipes for both Amelia and I.  Above everything, if diners give a little cup they should come by often to make sure it’s filled.  It can make all the difference of a good review or bad (I kid…somewhat).

Food: A
the menu is really extensive.  There are a ton of different specials from seafood to Greek delights.  I think that’s a common occurrence in NJ.  Big diners, big value and big meals.

I ordered the Greek salad with salmon.  All in all it was a so so diner.  Not my favorite diner but not my least favorite either.  The food was pretty good but nothing that I would travel 50 miles to go to (unless meeting friends).  The lighting made for an awful photo but the salad was good.  It had a thicker balsamic/greek type of dressing that I really liked.  It was more creamy.   Of course if a Greek salad has feta cheese, salmon, greens and onions I probably won’t complain too much.  It also had pita bread but I ate that too quickly to take a photo…sorry bad diner reviewer.
Cost:  $$
The total for my salad with salmon and a coffee was 18.  It wasn’t a bad price or a good price.  In NJ, that’s pretty standard.

Would I come back/overall thoughts
It was a good diner.  I really enjoyed the food.  It’s in my top third of diners I’ve been too so far.  I would go back if someone suggested it.  It’s a great stop on the road in my opinion.  The food was great, the service was great and the atmosphere was great.  It was just overall a great diner and I don’t have any complaints.

Questions for you:

What restaurant that you’ve been too has the best inside decor? 

What is a no no on the first date? 


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  1. I always get diner envy from you- not so much for the ‘diner’ but seeing $$ next to price….A salmon salad here in Australia at a terrible restaurant would set you back $25 or so. And that would include lettuce, tomatoes, and the salmon. Maybe dressing. Also 1/3 of the salmon you received in that picture.

    I need to move to NJ.

  2. My husband and I love the Somerset Diner. We’re there every weekend for breakfast (well, more like brunch since we rarely arrive before 11am). The entire staff is always very friendly; we enjoy going there for the homey atmosphere as well as for the food. In fact, we don’t feel like our day has started until we have our first meal of the day at the Somerset Diner. Food is good and plentiful too!

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