Phily Diner (Runnemede)

Phily Diner and Sports Bar (Runnemede)

The Phily diner is interesting. It is located in Runnemede, NJ. One of coworkers used to work there, and he kept telling me it’s one of the best. After actually googling the diner, I realized that it has been rated several times as being one of the best in South Jersey. Of course, I had to give it a try. It took me a while to realize it’s the “Phily Diner” not “Philly Diner.”

Phily Diner Atmosphere: A
The Phily diner is split into a sports bar and grille as well as an actual diner portion. When I first arrived, I snagged one of the last parking spaces. They did also have valet parking. Valet parking at a diner! If there is valet parking, it’s probably out of my price point.

phily diner

The inside of the Phily Diner was very “old school diner.” They have gone to town with the old school diner theme. I had to pose (I thought it would be more humorous) with the car.

Phily Diner Coffee: A
The Phily Diner had good coffee with whipped cream. It was refilled enough that I was happy.

Phily Diner Coffee

Phily Diner Food: B
The Phily Diner has any and all diner food. From all-day breakfast, waffle fries, to lunch, and dinner options, if you can’t find it at the Phily Diner, it might not exist.

I ordered the Mediterranean salad. The food disappointed me. The whole reason to go out to eat is good food…it was so so. The salad came with crunchy, hard bread, and was rather small. It was ok but not what I imagined.  I was rather hungry after finishing my meal.  The salmon was at least good.   It came with soup as well, and I ordered chicken noodle.

Phily Diner Soup

Phily Diner Salad

Phily Diner Dessert: B
Since I was still hungry, I decided to order a milkshake. The milkshakes came overflowing that we had to clean it up.

What kind of milkshake doesn’t come with a cherry on top?  It was a decent milkshake, but with the overflowing cup and lack of cherry wasn’t the most appealing.

Phily Diner Milkshake

Phily Diner Cost:$
Meals averaged between 12-20. They had a lot of specials. My salad was 13 dollars.

Overall/would I come back to the Phily Diner (Runnemede): 
Something I didn’t mention was our service was not the greatest. When we asked the soups, she reached over us, grabbed the menu, and searched. That isn’t a big deal, but there were a ton of small, really awkward moments. Honestly, she was probably just new.

I would go back to the Phily Diner, but I’ll definitely be ordering something else and hopefully have a different waitress.  The food wasn’t bad or awful, but it wasn’t great or worth a second stop.

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Questions for you:

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla milkshakes?

Favorite old school car? 

1980 Firebird for me!

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  1. Chocolate milkshakes all the way, I always like the look of the old Bel Air’s but I think that’s kind of a cliche’, but they’re so cool!

  2. I live in NC now and there aren’t any diners. BUT every time we drive up to Atlantic City, the Philly diner is the one we pass and have to stop every time. They do a nice breakfast there!

  3. This is why bloggers/readers need to READ the post and not just refer to the picture- had I seen that salad, I would have been blown away at how delicious and generous it looked! That is so awkward giving a milkshake like that….to customers have to clean up or eat around it? Bizarre. I love vanilla milkshakes- always!

    1. HA! That made me LOL out loud…it’s happened a few times where I’ve said something was gross but it photographed well so…

  4. I really like Cookies and Cream milkshakes :). But I guess I’d pick vanilla over chocolate. I do prefer whipped cream on top of my milkshake and I don’t think I’d want it overflowing, haha.

  5. I’ve been there and agree it’s just okay. There are closer diners to my folks so I never really made the longer drive there 🙂

  6. I love that picture of you and the car! When (not if) I come to visit we need to take a diner tour, be prepared to eat out multiple times per day. It looks like that milkshake doesn’t even have whipped cream, but maybe it does. I’m a chocolate milkshake kind of girl. When I get a migraine and nothing else helps, I will pick one up, and it will fix me right up.

    1. Finally someone that understands my life. Of course we will go out to eat for every meal and only the finest diners in NJ for you.

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