Injury: What Has and Hasn’t Worked…

I feel like in the last month I have tried every pain relief option I can possibly think of or google (or that has been advised to me).  Some have worked and some have not worked.  I would rather be proactive and try everything than not try things and wonder.

Something I have been wanted to announce for a few days now is that my foot has felt completely better.  I haven’t had any aches, pains or soreness.  The only thing I feel is….out of shape.  So hopefully this is the beginning of a new chapter or running.  I will slowly add miles and hopefully be lucky.

Maybe some will work for you if you ever find yourself in my shoes…maybe not.  Since we don’t share the same body (that sounds incredibly awkward) only you can really decide.  I still don’t know exactly what was going on in my foot (and at this point probably never will).  I knew it was a combination of inflammation in my arch, possible minor plantar fasciitis but no ripped or torn tendons.

What I’ve found that has worked:

  1. Foam rolling like a boss. Tim foam rolled my legs as well as my plantar fasicia.  He has been incredibly supportive and did it nearly every night.  (Even nights he has literally flown across the country or to the UK and back).  He wins significant other of the month…or just he is extremely good to me.  He can get down deeper into my muscles than I can.  I found he was able to dig the massage stick deeper into my calves and arches than when I put full body weight onto it.
  2. Deep Tissue Massages. They are costly but they work a lot to relieve tension and knots in my legs.  I truly believe without this I would not be running.  In fact I need to schedule another one soon.
  3. My foot always felt better after stretching.  In fact there was’t one time I didn’t feel a 50% improvement (at least) after stretching.  Especially in the earlier days, stretching helped a lot.
  4. Something I haven’t talked about is wearing proper footwear when I’m not running. I’m not one to give up flip flops right now.  When my feet aren’t in tennis shoes (for work, running or cross training) I don’t like them in shoes.  I purchased a pair of Reef sandals about 2 years ago that have some of the best arch support.  Yes, they are more expensive but I also haven’t bought a pair of flip flops in two years.  They are the most comfortable flip flops for woman I’ve owned .  (These are the updated version to what I own…”The skinny “J-Bay“). A post for another day (I’ve ranted about this too) is that running is one of the few sports you have to take care of yourself (your feet) all the time, not just while running.

What has not worked:

  1. This time around a cortisone shot did not work. I can’t say I felt any better at all after getting one (or a few days later).  It completely cured me last injury.
  2. Honestly I iced most nights and I didn’t feel any better once the numbness of the ice wore off.  The ice felt good directly after icing an effected area but once the numbness wore off, the pain came back,
  3. I tried hard orthotics (I have extremely high arches) and I felt like they provided no extra support.  In fact, my foot felt worse when I did use them. I have taken them out and felt better.  The firmness of the actual orthotic hurt.
  4. Changing my nutrition. A lot of people have said that nutrition and changing it really helped their inflammation.  I was all about trying new things….but it did not work for me.  (No cherry juice did not decrease inflammation nor did any of the spices, etc.)  I feel silly even typing that out now.

It’s still a work in progress but I’m learning to continue

Question for you:

What are you favorite pair of nonathletic shoes?

For me either my reef sandals in the summer time or my UGG boots (I know, I know…I do put inserts into those) in the winter time.  When I went to college in Upstate, NY, UGG boots were critical.