WG Marathon Training Week 7: Overly Average (82 miles)

This training week in a nutshell: overly average.  A good, solid, uneventful week.

Monday: Rest  
Tuesday: 13.2 untimed Nike Core
Wednesday: 10.31 hot  
Thursday: 11.25 with Tim P90X
Friday: 13.2 8:28 pace  
Saturday: 13.2 7:56 pace  
Sunday: 20 mile Long Run  
Total: 82 miles  



After last Sunday’s 20 miler, I woke up with extremely stiff legs on Monday.  I had thought I would be able to do a short shake out run but I ended up not.  My legs just wanted to rest. So that they did.

The next few days were easy and recovery.  It was nice because it was so hot out. On Wednesday I ended up seeing this white deer.  I didn’t know that white deer existed but I guess it makes sense (like white tigers exist).  It was pretty cool!


Instead of adding any formal speed days this week I’ve been adding a few striders into runs.  Right now holding any sort of fast pace is in this heat is overwhelming to me.  Adding a minute or two of striders seems more doable.  I want to get some speed in but for me personally, doing a long tempo in this heat seems impossible right now.  I hope I’ll be able to work into it though.

My Run on Saturday felt really good.  It felt smooth and effortless.  I have found on weeks I don’t do any speed or races, my overall pace increases.

I would say this has been a pretty solid training week for me.

Next week plans:

I am hoping to run a 10k on Saturday.  I don’t plan to do any long runs next week and let my body recover from the last few.   

That’s all I have this week.  It was pretty uneventful but overall a great week of training for me. 

Questions for you:

What is the most interesting animal you have seen on a run (or in the wild)?

For me probably this white deer or the bears I saw in college.


  1. It’s a piebald deer. I think they result from a genetic mutation.

  2. That deer is awesome! I’ve never seen one like that before! That’s one of the cool things about running….getting yo explore and see cool things! Sometimes before most people have gotten out of bed!

    1. I know I agree! I’m a big morning runner and I feel like most of my runs are done before a lot of people wake up. I hope you are having a great Sunday. 🙂

  3. We used to see deer occasionally back when I lived in Florence and coached kid’s track. We ran on a cross country style trail. The hardest thing was when the coaches saw them and we didn’t want to make a big deal out of it to the kids who would probably want to go over and pet it or something. LOL. I think it’s neat you saw a white one, I’ve never seen that. Looks like you had a great week of training as well!

  4. In Ithaca there was a herd (deer go in herds right?) of albino deer. They were totally freaky with those red eyes. The weirdest animal I’ve seen on a run would probably be a mountain goat – just because they’re such a new to me animal to see in the wild!

  5. A couple weeks ago when I was running with Matt on some trails, we saw five or six young bucks right by the path. They were starting to grow antlers and the antlers were still coated in fuzz. I have seen a few fawns this season, too. I love seeing deer!

  6. #AllTheMiles. Nice work as always! Racing is always fun–and gives you a good sense of how training is going–but I’m excited to dial in and get after it during the next month or so.

  7. Uneventful miles are the best miles Hollie 🙂 they equal no injuries and the most interesting animal I’ve seen on a run would have to be the gator that crossed my path just ahead of me a couple weeks ago

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