Route 38 Diner (Mount Holly)

Route 38 Diner (Mount Holly, NJ)

The Route 38 Diner is diner I drive by nearly every day for work.  I have wanted to go for a while, but every time we decide to go to a closer diner.  I believe this diner has recently changed names from the Hollybrook diner to the Route 38 Diner, but after googling around, I could not find out for sure.

Route 38 Diner Atmosphere: B

One thing that drew me into the Route 38 Diner were the flags outside.  There were lots of flags and banners almost if it was it was the Grand Opening day.  These flags have been here for eight months though (I just assumed they were celebrating my arrival).  The inside is a very classic diner.  It has booths and a bar with very few tables.  I try and get a booth anyways.  Each booth has a usable old school jukebox.


Route 38 Diner Coffee: D

This must be a trend with some diners in NJ.  While they offered refills, they only provided one.  In total, that is about 10 ounces of coffee for 2.00.  That is more expensive coffee then specialty coffee shops.  More expensive and not worth it.


Route 30 Diner Food:  B

The menu at Route 38 Diner has everything a small diner typically has from breakfast to lunch and dinner. There wasn’t anything unusual or unique.

I ordered the Mediterranean Salad.  They didn’t have a Greek salad, but this looked to be about the same thing.   The salad itself had iceberg lettuce, olives, feta, onions, and I requested chicken. They brought out oil and vinegar.   I wish there was bread that came with it, but it was still a good salad.  I was pleasantly surprised.  (If I had known there wasn’t bread I would have ordered toast too).


I also ordered over hard eggs.  The yolks were broken, but they were good.

Route 38 Diner Cost: $$

The cost of the coffee (2 dollars for 10 ounces) was the only thing I’m going to complain about.  For two meals and one coffee, we paid 25 dollars.

Overall Thoughts of the Route 38 Diner: 

I probably won’t actively seek the Rt. 38 Diner because there are closer better diners to me. The price of coffee for the amount received kind of throws me off too.  I’m starting to realize that could be a trend in NJ diners. The Route 38 Diner (mt holly, NJ) isn’t a bad stop but not the best either.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite song to play on a jukebox?


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  1. The Beatles, Elvis, and the BeeGees come to mind when I think of Juke boxes. I think it’s because there used to be one at a local Pizza Hut when I was little. I always picked the Beatles. Lol

  2. Random, but I hate when places serve iceberg lettuce. I’d have to say Grease as far as tunes go. If you’re ever in central Jersey I’ll bring you to a great diner ($$ but unlimited coffee, great portion sizes, great service, large selection, cute atmosphere). 🙂

  3. I had a juke box growing up and my favorite song to play was ‘eye of the tiger’. My friends and i would make up dances to all the great songs :). My sister has the juke box in her basement now and my niece makes up her own dances! So funny.

  4. As a serious Diet Coke drinker, one refill only would bother me (unless it was served in a giant mug to begin with). The soda itself is practically free (or only about .05 a glass). If they’re going to charge $2.00, then keep on filling my cup. That kind of thing would make me seriously consider not going back.

  5. Didn’t Britney Spears have a music video filmed in a diner with a jukebox? Maybe that’s why i think of her when i think jukebox too?

    I think only one refill of coffee is pretty crazy. I can’t imagine just having one cup if I get a cup of coffee at a diner. Especially because the cups are very small usually and sometimes the coffee gets a little cold and you just want a fresh cup even if it’s not empty.

    I had a Mediterranean salad the other day and it came with pita bread. So delicious!

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