April Training

I’ve been getting into the routine of typing monthly training posts so here goes April.  April begun my month of working, traveling and resting.  After the first weekend in April when I had my half PR, the month has simmered down. 

I told myself I would take some time and running less mileage after I got a half marathon PR.  I have been.  I find myself not worrying or stressing if I can run or not.  If it works and I’m not tired, then I run.  If it doesn’t work and I’m too tired…then I don’t run.  That will change soon though and I’ll be more structured as I move towards marathon training. (Obviously I’m not going to push anything I think could be an injury though).



Total miles: 270

Total Rest days: 6

Total races: 3

Atlantic City Half (1:23.23)

Earth Day 5k (19:04)

NJ half marathon (1:27)

Longest Run: 20.3 in Seattle (first 20 miler all year)

Going Around HQ in Seattle
Going Around HQ in Seattle

Shortest run: 2.75 cooldown from the NJ half

Range of paces: 5:55-9:58 (that’s my biggest range yet…who knows what the untimed miles were)

Most proud run: The Atlantic City half for sure


This month was exactly where I wanted to be.  I didn’t want to worry or stress about mileage.  With having a new job, I wanted to excel at that so this month timed out perfectly.  During the first week of April I got engaged, had a half marathon PR and started really working full time.  It’s hard for the rest of the month to compete with that.  In all honesty, it’s hard for the rest of my life to compete with that.  It was a good month.

Nj half race
Finishing the NJ half

Next month:

In May, I plan to start training for the Wineglass marathon.  I haven’t found a coach yet, but I’m still actively looking in my free time.  For now, I’ll start having a little more structure.  For me this means, trying to run 6 out of 7 days weekly and having some sort of speed workout (in the form of tempo) and long run.

I’m doing the Broad Street 10 miler on Sunday and then the Run for the Dream half marathon at the end of the month.  I would like to find a 5k but I’ll have to wait and see how my schedule turns out (as well as how I’m feeling).

Question for you:  How was your month of April (training or not)?