No Training Week 3

I’m halfway through my lower mileage of resting and recovering period.  What does that mean?

I’ve scrapped a lot of easy miles and am just doing important miles.  IE: I’m running less easy and even less junk miles.  I won’t lie that mentally I wonder if I’m ready for a marathon…but then I realized “derp the marathon is in October and it’s April”, nothing I do really matters right now…except staying injury free.  The marathon is in 23 weeks and I plan to start beginning to train at 20 weeks out.

A question I get rather frequently is if I struggle with trusting myself, trusting my training and believing in myself.  I have always been “labeled” as a very care free runner.  I am very care free and I’m not afraid to take multiple rest days.  That has all come from injuries and realizing I would rather take a day off versus 2 months.

That being said I do struggle.  I do often question myself.  The days I take a rest day, I wonder if I really need one.  I think part of running is truly believing in yourself.  Another piece is still realizing that each race and run is not going to make or break you.

I say this as I’m running the NJ half marathon today (or ran since it started at 6:45).  I know I’m not ready to outdo my PR from earlier in the month.  I do know that I still did PR at Atlantic City.  If I ran a 1:30 today, my PR still stands…this race does not make or break me.  Bombing this race (or any other race) does not take away from my PR’s or when I begin training for my full marathon.

Training this week:

Monday: OFF (fly home)  
Tuesday: 13 miles easy untimed P90X ab ripper and arm workout
Wednesday: OFF  
Thursday: 12 miles tempo Nike Core crunch
Friday: OFF Nike Core crunch
Saturday: Shakeout Easy run with Laura and Heather  
Sunday: NJ Half Marathon  


As you can see, something I have been doing is a bit more strength work.  I have made it a goal to be relatively conistent with more strength and core work.  I think it shows a little bit because I’ve been running as strong as last year on less miles.  Despite not making it a regular habit to post about, I do strive to do 15 minute core sessions (whether it’s P90X or Nike Training Club) 3-4 times a week.

So yeah that is all I have for training updates this week.

Questions for you:

How early out do you begin training for a marathon (or any race)?

Do you struggle with trusting yourself?