Recovery Runs and Turkeys

This week I have taken a few days away from running.  I’ve been busy with work but also wanted my body to recover from a few months of hard training.

My four runs of the week were just easy runs.  There was no speed and they were all untimed.  I can say it honestly felt really nice to relax.   (I love running easy with no worry about speed). The only exception was a little bit of speed on Wednesday due to being chased by Wild turkeys.

Did you know you can draw hand turkeys on the computer?
Did you know you can draw hand turkeys on the computer?

I had two rest days and one cross training day last week.  During my cross training I did some easy AMT.  I had wanted to run but it was thunderstorming and I was not in the mood (at all) to run on the treadmill.

But anyways back to running, Although I live in NJ there are real turkeys that occupy land near me.   When I pictured living in NJ, I pictured living in NYC but one state down.  I pictured living in a heavily populated area.

Not this:


The Cranberry Bogs
The Cranberry Bogs.  A good portion of the nations cranberries are actually grown and harvested at the Ocean Spray Cranberry bogs near my house…NJ really is the Garden State.

And not being chased by these:


Anyways I don’t have a lot to say about this week.  I don’t have any races to report about, any speed work to go into more depth with or really of any remote interest besides getting attacked by a turkey.  I had a lot of easy runs which felt good.  After setting my half marathon PR by 90 seconds, recovery was most important to me this week.

As I said earlier in the week, I’ve been running a lot lower mileage this year.  I am PRing so it’s working for me.

Next weeks plans:

I will be in Seattle from Wednesday until next Monday.  My dad and brother found a race to do.  It has the option of a 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon.  I’ll let you guess which one I chose.  Winner will get extra LOLZ.   I’m hoping to get another high mileage week and a race day.

Questions for you:

Do you like birds?

How do you stay active on vacation?

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  1. Birds actually freak me out… My daughter is obsessed with them and it drives me insane:(

    I try to stay active on vac only bc I have a tendency to pack on weight lol

  2. Haha sorry to laugh but chased by tukeys lol. I can just picture it. The ducks are what you have to watch out for down here. They can be pretty viscous lol. Enjoy Seattle! When traveling I usually dont alter my training too much I just let one’s know in advance the times I have blocked out to run.

  3. I love Seattle. That’s where I met my lovely bride and ran my first half marathon. I’m jealous you’re going to be there.

    I like birds that sing nicely and don’t make a mess all over my deck or yard. I’m also fascinated by birds of prey.

    I’ll bring my running gear with on vacation or work trips unless it is already going to be an “active” trip. For example, I’ll leave everything at home when we go to Disney World in May. We’ll be on our feet for plenty of miles!

    PS – I’m thrilled you are taking some recovery time.

  4. Oh wow, turkey’s? That’s crazy – but a good story now, right? I really love Seattle – one of my favorite places to run. I love stating active on vacations – I don’t enjoy them unless I do!

  5. I’m going to guess you chose the half marathon! And that’s so funny about the turkeys. There are a few that live on campus here, but I’ve never been chased by them. I’m glad you had an enjoyable easy week; I’m looking forward to one of those next week myself. 🙂

  6. Ha – I’ve been chased by turkeys (those birds can be huge) but found being pursued by geese more intense. The geese were outright aggressive – but I made great time on my run, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing…

  7. I love to run on vacation!!!! It is a change of scenery and we usually have more time. The one vacation I did not run on was our one to Disney! We were walking from 7:30 am till 10 pm everyday and I was tired!!!!…I almost needed a vacation from our vacation 🙂

  8. LOLZ for dayz! I’ve heard Seattle is absolutely gorgeous. A few of my teammates did a chocolate-themed half-marathon there this year.

  9. Living in Charleston, I think people envision me running over the bridge and downtown, like that’s my daily route every morning or something. I do run those places, but it’s a 30 minute “commute” to run there. In reality I live in a more rural area near a swamp and it’s not glamorous running. We don’t have wild turkeys here, but we DO have wild hogs! Due to the suburban sprawl out here and building new developments/apartments/etc, some of the wildlife has nowhere to go and sometimes people would see them in their yards.

    I’m glad you had an enjoyable week of running :). Sometimes that’s what matters and it’s good to give your body a break every so often and just run easier.

  10. Believe it or not I still run on vacation. I enjoy finding new places to run plus I enjoy the new views. My last vacation was to Disney and we stayed at the Boardwalk and I would run to Hollywood Studios, which was so cool.

  11. I’m mighty impressed by your hand turkeys. We just have seagulls…no turkeys! I am impartial to birds, but Travis is obsessed with them. He’s so strange!

  12. I saw some turkeys in a field on my way in to work this morning and I thought of you. I hope you are happy that I will now associate you with both geese and turkeys.

  13. OMG, I get chased and hissed at by geese all of the time, but never turkey, LOL!

    I really hope you chose the half marathon! You’re going to have so much fun! I’m super jealous, I want to run in Seattle!

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