Silver Diner (Cherry Hill)

Silver Diner (Cherry Hill, NJ) but many locations in the Northeast

The Silver Diner is the only chain restaurant diner that I know of.  I had actually been to multiple Silver Diner locations far before moving to New Jersey.  Unfortunately, they closed all three locations in Hampton Roads a few years ago.  (I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset).  The Silver Diner was my favorite restaurant in Hampton Roads until it closed.


When I quickly realized the only Silver Diner location in NJ was 30 minutes from me, I had to go (all the time).  I had to go immediately and multiple times.

Sadly, this is a diner my husband doesn’t enjoy as much as I do so I tend to go when friends visit.  Like when Kate W. visited and also when Amelia stopped home for a weekend.  So this is a call to my friends who want to come visit.

Kate and I at the Silver Diner
Kate and I at the Silver Diner

Silver Diner Atmosphere: A

Although the Silver Diner is a “modern” version of a diner they play up the diner theme very well.  The inside is silver (shockingly) and all booths.  The Silver Diner is more of a commercialized diner, playing up the themes you would think a regular diner has.  (Jukeboxes, booths, giant checkered print, etc.).  It’s cute, fun and enjoyable.   It’s also the cleanest diner I’ve been to.

Silver Coffee: A

The Silver Diner gave unlimited coffee with whip cream.  You know by now, that gets them full points in my book.   For their coffee, they also have stevia (as well as the regular sweeteners: Splenda, sweet and low, sugar and equal).


Silver Diner Food:  A

The food is not typical diner fare though.  In fact, it’s rated as one of the healthiest restaurants due to all of the options they provide.  The Silver Diner menu has many unique options including a gluten-free menu, vegetarian menu, diner menu and dinner menu too.  I’ve had a little bit of everything on the Silver Diner menu.

Quinoa pancakes made me feel like a real foodie.  They were delicious and honestly made me want to cook quinoa myself (I still haven’t).

The Black Bean omelet was my favorite diner omelet I’ve ever had.


The roasted vegetables are a side staple that I get almost every single time.  They have eggplant, squash, Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.  They are delicious.

At the Silver Diner, I also like the summer salad, which has mango and strawberries with feta cheese. I like to add salmon.  The most expensive on the Silver Diner menu, it is really good but not my favorite choice since I can get more unique options here.


Silver Diner Dessert:  While, not recently, I’ve had milkshakes at the Silver Diner before. Sadly,  the milkshake did not live up to par with the rest of the food.  It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t great.  Since then, we have skipped dessert here but will probably try it eventually again.

Silver Diner Cost: $$ It normally costs from 10-15 per person (with a drink…coffee for me).

Overall thoughts/Would I go back to the Silver Diner?

The Silver Diner is one of the cleanest and most unique diner we have been too.  In my lifetime, I’ve probably been to the Silver Diner 15-20 times.  I have a feeling it would appeal to many different foodies and travelers.  I would highly recommend it and I plan to go back.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever been to the Silver Diner?

When you hear of “Diner” what do you think of?

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  1. I’ve never been to the silver diner but it looks so good! I always think of diners as small, hole in the wall places that never look terribly nice but always surprise you with how delicious the food is haha. I love that fancyish diners are starting to get big vs greasy food only.

  2. What a lovely spot! I have never been to this diner, but when I hear “diner”, I think of this little spot in Marble Falls, Texas, called the Bluebonnet Cafe. Coffee, regulars (small-town folk), squishy booths, a “cash only” sign, and some of the best pie you’ll ever taste are all included in this place.

    P.S. I’m still excited that the diner reviews are happening.

  3. The food looks lovely and a quinoa pancake sounds amazing – I would order that!

    I probably have very stereotypical ideas about Diners, but this series of yours is showing me just how diverse they can be. And I love your coffee-drinking expression 🙂


  4. That salad looks amazing, and the quinoa pancakes sound delish! Also, your eyes are the prettiest color! 🙂

  5. have you been to Doumar’s in Norfolk? It’s an institution and what I always think of when I hear the word diner. Went there all the time as a kid 🙂

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