March Training

I feel like each month I look back at my training and say “I had high goals and then I didn’t achieve them”.  So far in 2014, I am three for three in those thoughts.  Despite that mindset and not making my original goals, I’ve had three solid months of training. 

Anyways on to March training:


Shamrock Half Marathon (1:25.29)


BOMF 5 Miler (31:10) 



Total miles: 310 (Goal 300)

Longest run: 15.5

Shortest run: Warm up 2 miles

Best Run:  Shamrock Half Marathon

Best Training Run: Tempo run before Shamrock.  6 miles easy, 6 miles fast.

Range of pace: 6:14-9:52

Total rest days: 7


Thoughts of March Training:

Did I meet my goals?  My goal last month was to PR in the half marathon.  So at surface value, I did not PR at Shamrock.  I did not meet that goal (my PR for a half is 1:24.49).


Under the surface, I had another solid month of training with a consistent half marathon time.  I had four strong weeks, several long runs and an overall good month.  My training was spot on and I felt like I recovered well and my training as a whole went well.  Honestly, I think it was successful and I think Shamrock did not show the fitness I believe I am at.  It was a productive month for me and helps me move towards the long term goal of the year and staying injury free.

Goals of April:

I would like to PR at Atlantic City this weekend.  

I would like to have too much fun at the NJ half April 27th.

I would like to continue to log quality and injury free miles.

I don’t remember if I have mentioned but my parents purchased me a ticket to go to Seattle over Easter with them.  My oldest brother, Doug and his family, live out there.  My parents are going to visit and surprised me with a ticket to also go visit. Since that will be happening the week before the NJ half, I could not tell you how that race will go (think time zone change, different foods).  That’s fine by me though and I wouldn’t want to give up this chance.  I’m really excited to go visit the West Coast.

Questions for you:

What were your March goals?  Did you make them?

What are your goals and plans for April?