March Training

I feel like each month I look back at my training and say “I had high goals and then I didn’t achieve them”.  So far in 2014, I am three for three in those thoughts.  Despite that mindset and not making my original goals, I’ve had three solid months of training. 

Anyways on to March training:


Shamrock Half Marathon (1:25.29)


BOMF 5 Miler (31:10) 



Total miles: 310 (Goal 300)

Longest run: 15.5

Shortest run: Warm up 2 miles

Best Run:  Shamrock Half Marathon

Best Training Run: Tempo run before Shamrock.  6 miles easy, 6 miles fast.

Range of pace: 6:14-9:52

Total rest days: 7


Thoughts of March Training:

Did I meet my goals?  My goal last month was to PR in the half marathon.  So at surface value, I did not PR at Shamrock.  I did not meet that goal (my PR for a half is 1:24.49).


Under the surface, I had another solid month of training with a consistent half marathon time.  I had four strong weeks, several long runs and an overall good month.  My training was spot on and I felt like I recovered well and my training as a whole went well.  Honestly, I think it was successful and I think Shamrock did not show the fitness I believe I am at.  It was a productive month for me and helps me move towards the long term goal of the year and staying injury free.

Goals of April:

I would like to PR at Atlantic City this weekend.  

I would like to have too much fun at the NJ half April 27th.

I would like to continue to log quality and injury free miles.

I don’t remember if I have mentioned but my parents purchased me a ticket to go to Seattle over Easter with them.  My oldest brother, Doug and his family, live out there.  My parents are going to visit and surprised me with a ticket to also go visit. Since that will be happening the week before the NJ half, I could not tell you how that race will go (think time zone change, different foods).  That’s fine by me though and I wouldn’t want to give up this chance.  I’m really excited to go visit the West Coast.

Questions for you:

What were your March goals?  Did you make them?

What are your goals and plans for April?

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  1. I didn’t have any set goals for March. Well maybe not to further injure my hip. I’ve been taking it easy and that’s good. April’s goals are to run a strong race at Nike, maybe PR? Who knows.

  2. As pathetic as it sounds I just wanted to get a 5k under my belt… and I did… but my time was horrible.. (ok and I secretly wanted to PR… NOT even close)…

    For April, I would like to PR in my half this weekend and I’d like to PR in a 5k (I’m doing 3 and I’m hoping one will bring me luck).. I get discouraged:/

      1. Staten Island 13.1 … I’m kind of excited because its right on the beach…. I’m also contemplating doing the Wineglass Marathon in the fall… we should meet up if we both go:)

  3. There’s no way you won’t accomplish at least one of these – but I think you’re being a bit too hard on yourself. You have accomplished so much, and I can see how it is helping you to grow as a runner and a person!

    Speaking of, are congratulations in order?

  4. Woohoo Hollie!! So you’re going to get to make it out west after all, sweet! March goals were just to continue to slowly build my base with solid runs while putting the little things back into my training so I’d say mission accomplished! For April I plan to continue to increase my mileage and start putting speed drills and tempo’s back into my training

  5. I feel a PR coming on for you in April!

    March was a month of non-running goals for me–finish my thesis, match into a residency program, etc. Check, and check. In April, I would like to get back in the habit of lifting 3-4x/wk and also ditch this injury for good!

  6. I’m so jealous of your trip out west! I am DYING to travel (that may be extreme, but I feel like it’s true!!!!)! The Shamrock 1/2 didn’t really sound ideal for a PR at all. My only goal right now is to get this wedding over with. I can set more goals after that mess is done with, haha.

  7. My goal is always to follow my training plan and eat healthy. I’m about 80/20 on both of those for March. The weather should be improving for April, so I hope to do better at training!

  8. love that even though you didnt reach your time goals you had great solid runs! ps- i’ll be spectating NJ half (my house is a couple blocks away from the finish). If you need some pre or post race coffee 🙂

  9. I need to write out my goals for running- Jan & Feb I had some solid training runs, but I sort of fell off last month. So true that when you write it out, there’s so much more accountability. My goal for the year is 500 miles. Which is a little less than 10 miles a week. Totally doable. You’re inspiring me to sign up for another 1/2 to keep my goals on track 🙂

  10. I think we’ll just gloss over my March and pretend it didn’t happen…

    You’ve had an awesome month and achieved so much – I really can’t wait to see how this next half goes and what April will bring for you. I just want to pick up a barbell by the end of April…that would make me so happy.


  11. Seattle is going to be so awesome! I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, but really want to go!
    Good luck in your half this weekend! This month I’d really like to work on upping my pace a little and incorporating some faster miles.

    And Congrats :)))))))

  12. You had a killer month of training–and stayed injury free. It’s a matter of “when” not “if” in terms of smashing your half PR. I’m betting on this weekend!

  13. Solid month Hollie! I need to read your BoMF race recap- I used to work for BoMF Indianapolis, so it’s fun to see you did one of their races! 🙂 My March & April goals are honestly just to slowly build myself up to shape I’d like to be in and of course have fun in Boston.

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