Training (80 miles)

This week has been a solid training week for me.  Not only have I had quality runs (YAY) but I’ve felt like I’ve recovered pretty well from each.  I wanted a higher mileage week before going into a mini-taper for next weekend.   This was actually my highest mileage week in quite some time (possibly since before the marathon).  Please give me my emoji cookies and cake.

Monday 12.2 untimed
Tuesday 12.5 8:00
Wednesday 12.2 6 easy, 6 hard
Thursday OFF
Friday 13.2 8:30
Saturday BOMF 5 miler 6:14
Sunday 15 untimed



The first few days were spent recovering and just going easy.  After last weeks 15 miler, I wanted to relax.  I felt good by Monday which was exactly what I needed to make for a solid training week.  Both the run on Monday and Tuesday felt relaxed.

Wednesday’s tempo run went very smoothly.  My plan was to run 6 easy and then 6 at a moderate pace.  I wasn’t exactly sure what “a moderate pace” would be but I hoped my legs did.  I ran the first 6 miles at an average 7:40 pace.  The second 6 miles I averaged just under 7 minute pace with the last mile at 6:37.  (each progressive from 7:15-6:37).  I was happy and motivated with this effort.

Thursday I took off and Friday I ran easy around my neighborhood and town.  My run on Friday felt really smooth and good.  It went by quickly and was rather enjoyable.

On Saturday I raced on first shorter distance race since January.  I’ll post a recap on Tuesday but it was very windy, rainy and I was (clearly) untapered. (I had planned to do this)  I ran in 31:10 which I’m happy with for the conditions.  My plan was not to taper for this race but speed work through this race.  That is exactly what I did.

To summarize the race: wind and rain and lack of my normal racing hat. (meaning bad hair day)
To summarize the race: wind and rain and lack of my normal racing hat. (meaning bad hair day)

Sunday, we went for an easy long run in the park.  It was rainy and cold.  (whine, complain, whine complain).   Nothing too exciting and it was an enjoyable run despite the weather.

This week was actually a very solid training week for me and I have no complaints.  It was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Next week:

I will be reducing my miles and getting ready for the Atlantic City half marathon.  If the weather conditions are good (which I really hope they are) I am hoping for a PR.

Questions for you: How was your week of training?  What was your best workout?

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  1. Great stuff! Good luck on the half marathon! My week of training went well! Best workout for me this week was my favorite Back, Biceps, and Triceps

  2. You had a good week, but unless I messed up, I think you ran 70 miles.

  3. Just getting to run today was enough for me. My fractured elbow was annoying in the sense that it was stiff and I had to be careful about my gait/the angle at which I held it, but without your advice and help I would have completely gone to pieces and lost all hope. I owe you so much and I can’t thank you enough for helping me be positive for once.

    That’s a killer 5 mile time…and in those conditions? I am so impressed, as always. Your tempo run is like my race!


  4. Glad you had a good week of workouts, saw your DailyMile post about the race and it still seemed like it went well for a speed workout during a race. Always good to get quality miles in when you know you have to taper for an important race, too. My race was cancelled this week so that kinda threw my plans around, but oh well. Don’t know how to do emojis of cookies and cake but you did a great job, congratulations on a solid week!

      1. Nah, just a tune up. They rescheduled for April 12 and offered a refund for anyone who couldn’t make it. Race directors fought it hard but the Folly Beach mayor and police said no race. I wasn’t too upset; it’s just a 5K and I hit the gym instead.

  5. You are so speedy! That’s unfortunate about the wind and the weather for that race, but at least you were using it to do some speed work instead of focusing on a PR!

  6. The drawings are back! Saturday was such a tough day to race here too–cold, windy, and rainy. That’s awesome you execute that race–and this week–according to plan. You’re going to do big things next weekend!

  7. Another great week of training, and congrats on your race! I’m getting excited to ramp up training again, since tapering is less fun than running! Looking forward to your next race!

  8. Wow that’s amazing!! My long run felt amazing yesterday, so that got me pumped for my half coming up in April! How did you get to the point where you’re able to run almost a half marathon that many days per week?!

  9. Great week Hollie. I don’t know about you folks in NJ, but the wind has been killer here in PA all week. Yuck.
    Best of luck at your HM!

  10. Glad you are feeling better Hollie, and you definitely beat me in mileage this week 🙂 You are gonna race so well this season as you have learned from your mistakes. Sad I missed you in Philly this weekend, but looks like it went well 🙂

    My week of training was good, although I could not run on Saturday as we got stuck in NY for hours on the way to our track meet! I am doing the same as you next week and training through the Cherry Blossom race. Hoping I can still get top 15 though :S

  11. Awesome job on your race! Just a heads up with the AC Half. I ran it in October and the wind was insane; it actually blew me (and a guy I was running with) back at points in the race. I finished in 1:30 (far from my best) and I felt like I wasn’t moving at all. Just be prepared for the wind down there; it can be brutal! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I feel like a lot of spring coast races are very windy. I hope not (we got lucky with Shamrock this year)…if it is windy it isn’t the end of the world I guess! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  12. dang — that’s a beast of a week, lady! i always love reading about your runs and races. where are you staying when you go to atlantic city (or is it so close to where you are you won’t stay overnight?)? i was there this summer for a bachelorette party and it was so fun!

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