Vincentown Diner

Right now you could say this is in my top 3 favorite diners and restaurants.  We go once a week as a special treat.  It’s only 15 minutes away, and if we go early enough, it’s never crowded.  Don’t come after six though or you’ll be waiting for a while.

The Vincentown Diner, located in Vincentown, NJ, is a relatively unknown but delicious diner.

Vincentown Diner Atmosphere:

This is one of the “upscale diners” that you don’t expect from NJ unless you live here.  Plus the Vincentown Diner is one of my favorite restaurants in New Jersey, so I can’t bypass it.  It is an upscale restaurant with two separate rooms and a bar.  One room has a bar, and one room does not.  I’ve sat in both several times different times.  I enjoy the seating with the bar, though.

Vincentown Diner Coffee: 

I’ve been to the Vincentown Diner over 30 tomes, and the coffee is always brewed hot and fresh. It also comes in a giant cup. When I get whipped cream, they put a lot.  I have no complaints about this coffee and will probably order it every single time. The theme of Vincentown Diner is Nickle and diming you for everything, and while I find it strange they charge 75 cents per whipped cream, but to me, it’s worth it.  coffeewhipcream

Vincentown Diner Food: 

The Vincentown Diner has a smaller menu compared to other diners but everything is fresh. A few things they are known for are their french toast, organic eggs, mile high meatloaf, mashed potatoes, burgers, and crab cakes.

Currently, my favorite meal at the Vincentown Diner is the special salad with spinach, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, and strawberries.  I also get the salmon addition.  Although the salmon is an extra 10 dollars ($$$$). Everything at Vincentown Diner is local.


Here is my staple there. Salmon salad with pita bread.

I’ve also had a few other of their salads as well as salmon meals.

Vincentown Diner Dessert: 

Tim and I almost always get dessert here.  Since the dessert is homemade and I can’t cook, it’s worth it.  Though I don’t have photos of every single thing we have tried, we have tried: Red velvet cake, chocolate chip cheese, white raspberry cheesecake, apple cranberry crumble, bread pudding, banana cream pie, and the ice cream.  (wow that is a lot!).

My favorite dessert at the Vincentown Diner is the red velvet cake. My favorite cake is red velvet, so it makes sense.   My issue with the Vincetown Diner is they don’t have all of the desserts all of the time. I like cake, but they rarely have it (maybe only a couple of times a year).


Cost: $$$$$ (most expensive diner)

One big downside of the Vincetown diner is the cost. For the majority of the meals, it’s 20 dollars a plate.   The food portions are huge, and the food is delicious.

Vincentown Diner Service:

The second downside of the Vincetown Diner is the service. The majority of the time, it feels like the servers or the host has something better to do. They also are always talking about an upcharge for this and an upcharge for that. I get it’s a business, and they need to make money, but it feels as though they look down on you every time they mention an upcharge.

Vincentown Diner Overall Thoughts: 

The Vincetown Diner is a good stop. The quality of food is good. However, it’s the service that often keeps me away.

Overall: B

Question for you: What is your favorite local restaurant?