A Week of Warmth (65 miles)

My training this week was spot on.  I hit the pace, time and feeling that I wanted every single run.  That isn’t something I can say very often in a weekly training post.

I honestly have nothing to complain or say went wrong with this week.  So I won’t.   I had a perfect lead up to Shamrock and I couldn’t be more pleased.


12.15 Tempo





12.5 Easy



11.75 Treadmill Tempo





10 easy untimed





I’ve had really good luck with a two day taper for half marathons (which is what I did this week).  I normally have a semi normal week with an extra rest day then rest and take it easy for the back half of the week.

On Monday I had an outdoor tempo run.  I ran 6 miles easy and 6 miles hard.  The tempo itself felt pretty smooth.  I was able to hold a 6:50 pace without too much difficulty.  I was honestly pretty surprised.

Tuesday I rested.  On Wednesday I did a normal easy run around my area.  It wasn’t anything exciting and what I would normally do to shake out my legs.  I am pleased with how much faster my easy runs have become.  3 months ago I found myself slogging easy runs between 8:30-9 min pace.

Thursday’s tempo on the treadmill was a bit slower and from a naked eye you couldn’t tell it was a tempo run.  My go to treadmill workout is 45 minutes of easy and then 45 minutes progressive (with a 5 min easy cooldown at the end).   It seems to work well for me.  I wanted a faster run to keep my legs ready but I didn’t want a run similar to Monday that would leave me needing more days to recover.

After Thursday’s tempo I drove home and took Friday off.

I spent Friday relaxing and going to one of the local school’s pep rallys.  The Shamrock Race series also puts together a “final mile” for students in the area.  They run 25.2 miles on their own and run the final mile to the finish line (the same mile the 8k, half and full run at the end). They raise money for Operation Smile.  The school I went to help out with raised over 1600 dollars.  It is truly remarkable to see how hard these kids work and love running so early!  I helped volunteer at the pep rally and it was a lot of fun. Long story short, I rested.

Saturday was an untimed Shakeout run.  I had a great, easy run.  I focused on myself and my goals.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better week this week.  (Maybe that is why I’m worried!).

I ran a 1:25.32 at Shamrock which is exactly the same as at Lake Effect last week.  I’m relatively pleased with this time.  I obviously wanted a PR (1:24.49) but it was not in the cards today.  I could feel that around mile 5 I was not going to PR.  I’m definitely pleased though and it is tied for my third fastest half marathon.

Since I didn’t draw any photos I’ll leave you with this one.


Questions for you:

Did you have Pep Rallys as School?

I loved them!  (These kids on Friday did too!)

What was your best/favorite workout of the week?